1. tribexx's Avatar
    I bought a computer for "the community" at my house. An Acer Aspire R11 with the following specs:

    Intel Pentium N3700 @ 1.60GHz
    4GB RAM
    64bit OS.

    To login, and download the amazon app from the store, it took me 10mins. Another 6 to write this. My question is is this just a horrible PC/tablet, or will the Surface 3 be much faster?

    The Surface 3 has 4GB as well and a Atom CPU. Is this fast enough? Or should I go for a similar 8GB RAM PC for windows 10?

    I only surf, use installed simple software...pretty much no gaming unless some old games off of steam like XCOM...
    01-26-2016 05:28 PM
  2. k72's Avatar
    I'm not much help but even my HP Stream 7 with 1 GB RAM was pretty quick on Windows 10.
    01-26-2016 05:53 PM
  3. brundmc's Avatar
    I'd blame the CPU. The atom in the surface 3 is a newer design.
    01-26-2016 08:44 PM
  4. anon(5327127)'s Avatar
    The Pentium N3700 isn't a 'bad' CPU but, along with the 500GB standard drive, the whole system slows down. If the drive were replaced with an ssd... whole new performance bracket.

    We also do not know what's installed on that machine, what you've installed, how many services etc.
    01-27-2016 04:47 AM

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