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    I have been using Windows 10 for some months by now but in the past month i have been experiencing the following issue:
    Sometimes when i turn my computer on i can't do anything using my taskbar (such as controling sound and viewing alerts) or my windows start menu (when i click the windows logo nothing happens).
    This comes back to nornal once i restart the system.
    Any suggestions about the problem and how to solve it?
    Thanks for your time :)
    02-19-2016 09:13 AM
  2. GeorgeX's Avatar
    This started happening to me a week ago. It does not happen when I turn on my computer, but some time later. A restart solves it.

    Apart from the start menu, another thing happens also, separately from the non-responsive taskbar (meaning they do not happen at the same time), but it seems related, since this started a few days ago also: my keyboard stops responding. If I disconnect and reconnect it, it starts working again. If I connect a second keyboard while the first one has the problem, the second one works, the first one stays unresponsive.

    Also noticed that Date Modified is blank on the Programs and Features list. Noticed this when I went to check what I had installed in the last few days.

    Checked for viruses/malware, nothing found. Can't think of any major changes recently.
    02-21-2016 04:56 PM

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