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    I am actually pulling my sata drive (w10 pro) from my old laptop and putting it in a newer laptop with upgraded cpu and ram. Do I need to use sysprep to generalize the system specs on the hard drive before switching.

    I found some good guides for doing this but all refer to Windows 7, I can't find any references to 8 or 10.

    I switched a hard drive with Windows 8.1 to a laptop with downgraded specs once for the purpose of backing up a hard drive after problems with the original. Windows worked, but it looked messed up.

    Does anyone have experience upgrading hardware with Windows 10? I'm also wondering about activating the product key afterwards. Sounds like it could cause trouble, but I see the is another thread on this with Gabe Aul saying that we just need to contact support.

    So I did contact support and they said "Gabe who?". LOL
    03-12-2016 04:56 PM

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