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    I started using my new Outlook alias for my W10 phone, yet I noticed today that Outlook Calendar is still using the Microsoft account I originally had on my 8.1 phone. Despite most of the other apps (Photos, Store, Groove etc) syncing and defaulting the account to my chosen alias, Calendar seemingly refuses to do so.

    I tried to add one of my Yahoo emails as a "new account" and it added it, but only under emails - not the calendar. When I try to add my alias, I get error: 0x80040b0b

    Any way to fix this so my chosen alias is used across the board?

    Calendar WAS syncing, after all!
    The *name* of the calendar is what threw me off.

    Anyone else that is confused by me and has an outdated alias' account name showing up in your Outlook Calendar, do this (these instructions assume you're in the desktop version of Outlook Calendar):
    - Click the settings wheel icon, just to the left of your avatar
    - Click Options
    - Beneath the "Edit your reminder and calendar settings" section, click on the name of the calendar you want to change
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