1. missionsparta's Avatar
    I'm getting tired of waiting for them to fix the issues with our production 950 and 950 XL's (camera, keyboard, band issues, etc) while they spend so much time working on the preview. Basic items such as our camera app are a mess and they are spending so much time working on adding other stuff. Get the production version to run flawless and get it out the door first. Getting ridiculous.
    06-13-2016 03:30 AM
  2. Pete's Avatar
    They are. The core apps no longer have to wait for a new OS build for the main part. We got a new Camera app update on the 7th June, so things are moving.

    I'm not going to look through your previous posts to see what your specific issues are, but sometimes the needs of the many outweigh the demands of the few.
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    06-13-2016 03:40 AM
  3. EspHack's Avatar
    their current strategy makes this practice acceptable, the "windows as a service" method essentially makes procrastination legal at Microsoft, since they can fix it later, they WILL fix it later, its a double edged sword, they don't have a deadline to meet, to make this OS "run flawlessly" like they did before, so they ship whatever they have running above a certain quality threshold(most likely insider's tolerance of bugs)

    it will run flawlessly some day, its just that we don't have a timeframe for that, and maybe I'm wrong, but if they keep this up, at this feature-adding pace, it will take probably take forever
    06-13-2016 11:48 AM

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