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    Hi everyone! Wanted to see if someone could shed some light on something for me. About a month ago I upgraded my work PC to Windows 10 from Windows 7. Everything went smoothly and I've had virtually no issues with it since the upgrade. However, I noticed something recently that I'm a little confused about. I now have two user accounts where before I had just one. The username I log in with is "ManageTwo", which is still there, but now I also have a "ManageTwo.000". The weird thing about it is some things seem to point to one of the accounts, and other things point to the other one. For example:

    Under "ManageTwo", my Sharepoint and OneDrive Personal drives are there. Meaning if I save something to OneDrive, it goes to C:\Users\ManageTwo\OneDrive.

    Under "ManageTwo.000", my OneDrive for Business and my standard PC folders like Desktop, Downloads, etc. point here. Meaning if I save something to my Desktop, it goes in to the folder C:\Users\ManageTwo.000\Desktop.

    I'm logging in using ManageTwo, and the odd thing to me is that everything seems to be seamless, like I don't notice when I'm using a folder under ManageTwo or ManageTwo.000. I want to try and understand what happened here before I update the other PC's in my office. Any info on this would be appreciated, thanks!
    06-30-2016 09:13 AM
  2. Chintan Gohel's Avatar
    For the personal and business onedrive accounts - are they two different email accounts?
    07-01-2016 02:17 AM
  3. excalibur1814's Avatar
    Ideally you would do t he following:

    - Backup the important files on the machine. Maybe even the persons profile for signatures etc
    - Upgarde to Windows 10
    - Check the activation. Once activated you're good to go
    - Reset the PC (from within the notification centre (Update and security, Recovery, reset this pc)
    - Once done Re-install etc

    You're basically ensuring that the computer is in a 'from the factory' ish state. It's a pain but having a fresh computer can often side step various issues and it's a great chance to start fresh. Your choice.
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    07-01-2016 03:52 AM
  4. Camaroon's Avatar
    Thanks for the replies. Yeah, there's two different email accounts for the personal and business OneDrive. And @excalibur1814, ideally I would like to do that, but I'm the only one in my office doing these upgrades so takign the time to do that, then reconnecting the computer to the domain takes up a lot of time. That's why I tried doing mine first on just an upgrade basis.
    07-07-2016 02:12 PM

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