1. Alberto Semenzato's Avatar
    I decided to post here since Notification Sync is a setting under cortana. If i got the wrong section, feel free to move it to the right one.

    I've been trying to figure out how to control Notification Sync and Universal dismiss between my windows devices (A desktop, a Surface pro 3 and a Lumia 640 DS) since the release of the Anniversary Update (no insider rings), but either I don't understand how it works exactly underneath or there's something wrong with my configuration which after so much 'troubleshooting' I can't figure out anymore and I need fresh eyes (and minds) to help me.

    Setup: all my devices are in En-US English, with Italy as region, and Cortana enabled using English (United States) as Cortana language. I noticed region must be the same in all devices for find my phone to work, so probably this is the same also for the notification settings.

    1. In my Windows Phone, Notification sync is enabled and all apps are enabled under the notification settings.
    2. My Windows 10 Devices are able to use the Find my Phone feature, and ring it. Cortana also lists Windows Phone under the Edit Sync Settings section, and get notification from this PC on my phone and Upload notification from this PC to the cloud are enabled on both of them.
    3. On my Windows 10 devices, under Edit Sync Settings, Windows Phone, only few apps appears and all are turned on. I noticed they shows up only after the first notification is sent from the phone.
    4. Windows phone notifications are enabled under settings -> systems -> notification and actions.

    What I get: I only receive some notifications on my PCs, from some built in apps like Messaging and Phone, and the MS Authenticator app. I tried today to update an app on my L640 and get the notification on my pc from the store but it didn't sync. Nothing appeared in any other device. Only those apps who appears on the list in my windows 10 devices under windows phone notification sync does appear, all the others are like lost in space and time.
    Those who notifies though, also get the universal dismiss. Sadly Outlook Mail and Outlook calendar apps are not among them and I have to dismiss the same notification on every device every time.
    Also skype preview does not.

    Moreover, not all notifications syncs between my Windows 10 Devices either. Find my phone, for example, works on all of them, but skype preview (installed on all my devices) does not dismiss any notification on any device.

    I already tried to sign out from Cortana on all devices, reboot and sign on again but I'm still in the same situation.

    I understand you need add a line of code to enable universal dismiss, but I thought the notification sync was already in place out of the box.
    Does anyone else experience this issue? Do you get all your notifications on your devices?

    Any feedback is appreciated! Thanks
    08-26-2016 03:26 AM
  2. 2687's Avatar
    Apart from universal dismissal, i like to have a way to short reply the notifications from the notification itself, from android perspective. Else its just another notification.
    08-26-2016 09:24 AM
  3. Alberto Semenzato's Avatar
    I actually noticed the problem arises only when an application is installed on multiple devices like facebook, skype preview or the calendar app.
    It seems universal dismiss actually works for messaging and phone calls since they're only on the phone.
    08-28-2016 01:59 AM

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