1. Nemesis-X's Avatar
    I found a suggestion for Winauth, but the directions led me to a dead-end in regards to what the instructions showed and I what I was seeing in my Google Security settings.

    I'm just looking for an easy way to get two step verification codes from my PC to use on other devices when needed.
    09-04-2016 08:57 AM
  2. posvic's Avatar
    I used the Authy app on android and switched to the chrome extension when I moved to W10M. Now I can get my 2 factor authentication codes on everything but my phone, which seems a bit backwards but works fine for me.
    09-04-2016 09:19 AM
  3. AndyCalling's Avatar
    09-05-2016 06:16 AM
  4. travis_valkyrie's Avatar
    09-05-2016 07:26 AM
  5. Nemesis-X's Avatar
    You guys are missing my intent. I'm not looking for a windows mobile authenticator, but a Windows 10 PC app that I can connect my Google account to.
    09-05-2016 07:42 AM
  6. AndyCalling's Avatar
    For a desktop app, the only one I can find is Winauth. Not sure why you can't find the right page for it, here it is:

    09-05-2016 07:50 AM
  7. Nemesis-X's Avatar
    I did find the page no problem. The issue I was having with Winauth is that the instructions to get Google set up weren't aligning with what I was seeing in my Security settings on my Google account. So I was stuck.

    You open Winauth and click the + button. Then it says enter the secret code for your authenticator. So I load up Google authenticator on my phone but nowhere can I find this Secret Code??
    09-05-2016 07:51 AM
  8. AndyCalling's Avatar
    Ah. Well, I know Google like to tweak their stuff regularly in a manner which tends to break third party apps (hence the reason folk have given up trying to make third party Google apps in general except Youtube and even then devs need to constantly work to re-fix things after Google break them again). Perhaps you've caught the Winauth people mid-tweak? Try sending them a quick email, you never know. I've often found such devs quite easy to discuss things like this with.
    09-05-2016 11:00 AM

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