1. iansputnik's Avatar
    I've just tried to look at my own Wix website via my windows 10 phone and it keeps showing PC format of the website and not the mobile version. It was working fine the other day. Checked the website on my old windows 8 mobile and it works fine. This seems to be doing the same for all Wix websites. Checked my setting and all seems OK. Something seems to have changed on my phone. Tried to restore my setting back to factory, that's when the fun began. To re-install my settings and appearance from my old windows 8 phone I need windows to send me a verification code as part of the rebuild. Texts do not work when setting up the phone so I only get the notification code after I have skipped the set up function. I have therfore had to manually redisign the design of the screen, had to relog in to each of my facebook and outlook apps. I can change how I get the verification code from Windows so it will send it to me via my landline. If I choose to do this it will take nearly a month (according to windows). Wix websites still do not work properly on my windows 10 phone. What can have changed on my phone to stop them appearing in mobile format? Can I manually download new drivers to check that the phone hasn't become corrupted by an app download. And lastly. Can someone please look at iansputnik.com fro their windows 10 mobile to check that it is in fact my mobile and not Wix themselves that have a problem. I am running 10 on my Lumia 650.
    12-27-2016 04:31 AM
  2. milkyway's Avatar
    Does your website settings in your Edge settings say "mobile version"? (or whatever it is exactly in English?)
    12-27-2016 06:57 AM

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