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    It worked JUST FINE before Windows 10, I think it may have even worked sometime on Windows 10. I may not have a strong enough Wifi signal to connect my iPod Touch 4th Gen too in the house I'm about to live (my family uses neighbor's wifi, with permission, it's actually my mom's parents) and it will be COMPLETELY UNUSABLE in the house if I can't connect to wifi on it. My family will most likely not bother getting their own home Internet when they get it for free.

    Mobile Hotspot sharing on my laptop use to work JUST FINE, why do companies have to update and make things stop working? Updates are supposed to make things BETTER! I'll tell you why updates make things stop working, because the company wants you to go and buy new products so they can make more money!

    Can I make my mobile hotspot sharing on my laptop work again! I used to live in a house with a dirt cheap wireless router that could barely reach (and sometimes disconnected) in my room, and it worked just fine then! HELP!

    Oh, I tried getting my dumbphone Tracfone (not smartphone, dumbphone) that can connect to wifi connected through my laptop's mobile hotspot (not that it's really usable for Internet, but I wanted to see if it was just one device that couldn't connect) and that also could not connect.

    Twice after a VERY LONG time my iPod Touch 4th Gen connected to my laptop's mobile hotspot, but the little wifi symbol at the top of the screen never showed up, which means it's not connected to the Internet, just like Safari said right on the screen. My laptop's mobile hotspot sharing used to work just fine! Please I need this fixed!
    12-30-2016 05:53 PM
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    Hi Welcome to Windows Central! I really had a hard time following your post. You use to be able to use a hotspot to connect to the internet. You are moving in with your parents and they won't pay for internet because they get it free. You want to connect to the neighbors Wi-Fi also. Is it a secured network? If it is, do you have the Key?
    Here's how you turn on the hotspot in Windows 10. If you need more help, please join the forum and someone will help you!
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    12-30-2016 08:25 PM

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