08-20-2017 10:20 PM
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  1. coffee-turtle's Avatar
    I'm probably too late on the scene. In all fairness, I really like Windows 10! MS has learn from many of her previous mistakes.
    My gripes right now are minor:
    1) Stop resetting my default apps everytime there is an update! Just. Stop. I'm not happy with Groove and I hate having to keep telling you that MS. Not fond of someo of the other "defaults" either.
    2) Look, I know you want to get more traffic on your Bing site. I would just like to have an array of options besides Bing as a search engine or go to for Cortona when she doesn't understand a request.

    Other than that, thank you for a great multi-device OS!
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    03-27-2017 11:42 AM
  2. Mathan Gandhi's Avatar
    windows have no problem, in general it is good. but android today is like windows yesterday (win 95/98/ME). windows 9x was not stable or secure. it was just working for anybody who use it and it was readily available for free (pirated). it gave a lot of room for enthusiastic crowd to do whatever they want in the system. even the themes of windows 9x can be heavily modified, without much restrictions. system files can be replaced in case of corruption. Now all these things are applicable to android in one form or other. the enthusiast has shifted their loyalty to android. They're who help the other people when they face issues in their system. So people tend to take their advice in choice of OS as well. now windows in very stable, mature, highly restricted. nothing enthu about in it. windows has changed and most of them are not accepting. this can be cited as reason for win7 still having higher user base. it is psychology mostly rather than technical things that are reason for windows 10 not penetrating as much as android. Google won't do restrictions in android for making it secure or stable. they are feeding the enthu base with their OS who in turn help to spread it all over the world
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    03-27-2017 11:51 AM
  3. lumianok smart's Avatar
    OneDrive stopped working on my Surface pro 4 a while ago... :/ doesnt sync anymore just says upload with 0,0 KB/s
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    03-27-2017 11:51 AM
  4. mymarcio's Avatar
    My complaints are mostly on Windows 10 (Mobile)

    • Taking a picture, Photos does not load the pictures immediately. Sometimes the app requires me to go to the specific folder to find the photo. Same thing with screenshots.
    • Attaching images to a message / email / messenger does not always load the images (screenshots / camera roll / downloads) unless a user goes to photos and forces a refresh.
    • Outlook Email Syncing with Exchange Server and/or @outlook.com is slow and often takes several minutes to update with an email.
    • Cortana > Creating Reminders in Cortana that are "weekly" keep duplicating in the calendar. For example, if I say "Remind every Monday at 10AM of X" on my calendar it will show up as x2, then x3, then x4 as the Mondays progress.
    • Random restarts - This happens to me in production and insider builds. When taking pictures while the phone is locked, during the saving picture process, the phone often restarts and the picture is not saved.
    • Automatic Brightness - This setting since windows 8.1 seems to work so differently that it often becomes to dark or too bright during the incorrect brightness setting.
    • Brightness Setting - I would love that the notification bar allowed brightness to have a slider instead of pre-set configuration (Similar to iPhone)
    • Share to device - Sharing to Chromecast ready devices does not work. Even after adding the device via "Other devices" and finding the device. The devices are not selectable from the list when trying to use Share to screen feature.
    • Notification Center - after tapping a notification the apps often don't open in the correct notification or the app crashes. It would be nice to swipe "right" to reveal recent notifications, in order to try to see what message we tried to access and failed.
    • Ink Workspace - I would love the OS to allow Ink to be used (in OneNote, messaging, photos) so that when you share a particular photo or screenshot or take notes you have the flexibility of annotating.
    • IE - Run in background : Windows 8.1 allowed for us to put the phone in standby and listen to a youtube video while it was playing. Now pressing standby will cut the feed.
    • Outlook To Do List - Outlook.com / Outlook Client have the options to add/complete tasks however the phone version does not support this.
    • Ultra Light version of OneNote - often when the phone is locked, i'd love to have the ability to create quick notes without having to unlock the phone to just write a phone number, a book name, a location, an address. However opening OneNote can be slow (20~30 second load for the App)
    • Microsoft Wallet - Sometimes we receive coupons from CVS, DSW, etc. It would be really neat if Cortana worked together with Wallet to curate the list of coupons in a 3rd section to make these coupons easily accessible and remove them as they expire.
    • Cross Device *Wish list* - Would love to be able to copy an image (tap > hold> menu) and have an option to say "Give to Cortana" and then on a different device allow me to Paste from Cortana so that we could avoid forwarding things via e-mail/text/Onedrive from phone <-> pc.

    From the top of my head these are some of the things I wish they could improve.
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    03-27-2017 11:51 AM
  5. remmo's Avatar
    Updated: 26-Mar-17
    • Outlook 2016 still doesn't support 2-step auth natively for outlook.com/Microsoft accounts, after 3 office versions.
    • There is still no outlook task list syncing in windows 10, even tho its a primary feature of office and given as training advice by Microsoft to use it for the last 10 years and everything up to windows 8 had it.
    • Windows 10 doesn't support account syncing of settings on normal workplace domains. Windows 8 supported this fine.
    • UWP apps still require a store to deploy normally, even after Microsoft insisted the uwp platform isn't tied to the store. E.g You cant have a community site with list of uwps that can be downloaded directly and install it, without having to change system settings. A developer cant even just give people an app to install without the users having to change these system settings. UWP is never going to be a replacement for win32 while it still has this walled garden.
    • Cortanas internet reliance, Cortana is the new "search" and "voice recognition" in windows 10, and nearly all the tasks that should not require an internet connection to perform, fail when there is a bad/no internet.
    • Skype preview still isn't a share target after a year (and is now released). The primary ms chat service should be one of the primary use cases for sharing.
    • Edge in general. Edge still crashes like mad, doesn't support things in websites that firefox/chrome does, doesn't have basic features like a half decent favourites manager.
    • Cortana/bing region feature locks. Cortana/bing have many features that a restricted by location. This is after ms said that Cortana and bing have had a lot of work done on them to not have to lock features to regions. The reasons given for region locking features are usually "to make sure they are up to quality", which goes against their own
      "fail-fast" development philosophy, what they said before, and the insider program in general.
    • Not having libraries as the default pictures/music/videos etc locations. The current setup is like the old xp "my pictures", where win7 gave a much needed overhaul of the system by allowing a system that was human and program understandable, supported multiple folders but with visual separation, allowed a default save location to be change easily, new locations could be added easily, automatically index the other folder locations for search, etc. The windows 10 system is like a 10 year step back in time. Libraries don't have any disadvantages compared to the old/current system, and even people who don't know anything about libraries wont be confused about them,
    • Drop in quality of touch device support from windows 8.
    • No swipe keyboard support on windows 10 desktop.
    • The confusion that having both a desktop and start tiles brings. Start tiles are essentially just desktop icons with an updating icon. So what is the expected use case of having both? When should I be making a start tile, and when should I be making a desktop shortcut? Why not just replace desktop icons with the tiles?
    • No ability to tell windows what locations to include in search. E.g. You cant create a folder on a 2nd hard drive and have windows search that folder. The normal search index locations arnt respected by Cortana.
    It looks like MS have no idea what the hell they can do to make Win10 as good as Win7.. or even WinXP.
    They're just adding and removing stuff here and there. The whole OS feels like an eternal beta.
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    03-27-2017 12:01 PM
  6. AV2RY's Avatar
    Skype is the major problem for me. I don't want it to have my phone contacts in it. And there is no really working-option to delete them. Buy that I mean they come back there later
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    03-27-2017 12:06 PM
  7. hamidparham's Avatar
    The people app messes up the contacts and can't handle duplicates well. Every once in a while you have to sign in to the live website and manage your contacts from there, then just sit and hope that it syncs with people app on your devices.
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    03-27-2017 12:23 PM
  8. uselessrobot's Avatar
    I realize this is an aesthetic problem and not anything critical, but I can't stand the XP-era system icons.
    03-27-2017 12:45 PM
  9. ScubaDog's Avatar
    The list of complaints I have about Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile is ridiculously huge. And, sadly, mostly irrelevant because I am clearly in the minority of users. I love Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. A LOT. I love Metro, I LOVED the fact that the old desktop and the Metro environment were separate, particularly running two monitors on a PC. I Love the Pivots. I hate the hamburger menus. I hate the tiny wireframe icons. I hate Aero. I hate not having a REAL Start Screen and the fact that you CANNOT configure the Start Menu in W10 to remain on a screen after bringing up an active window on another monitor. I hate that live tiles are much less 'live' on W10. I hate the Notification Center, I hate the way toast works now. I hate the emphasis on stupid keyboard shortcuts. I miss being able to swipe from the left to either flip through background apps or bring them forward (you are forced to look at large thumbnails of apps and then choose). I hate not being able to swipe from right to bring up Charms. I hate that I can't get all apps to ALWAYS run full screen by default. I hate that when you have two screens (thus you can't stay in tablet mode) that you can't drag apps down to exit them, that it just causes you to wrestle with placement of the window because it changes you from full screen to windowed-mode of that apps. I hate the nearly complete loss of real integration--the People Hub is now a virtually useless apps. I miss the Me Tile, which was a central way I followed activity of people I cared about and communicated across multiple platforms by. I hate the emphasis on the stupid TASK BAR, which I almost never used even in the old Windows 7 days. I hate that, even now, Microsoft appears to exert any influence on developers to bring their apps up to parity with competitors (for example, note that you STILL cannot engage Facebook Live on the mobile app). I hate that Microsoft completely DESTROYED pen input for apps in W10---on W8 you could switch to pen input and it did a quick and comfortable-to-use job of transcribing input. Now it's a MUCH more cumbersome process and not nearly as useful. Cortana is now hit-or-miss on both mobile and the PC, particularly over Bluetooth (we're using the latest insider build, 15063), and Cortana really doesn't work at all over locked screen. We usually have to click the Cortana app a few times to "wake up" the interface and then it seems to work for a bit. Also, I hate that synchronization is all but non-existent--on Windows 8 I could synchronize everything about the Start Screen between devices. Now, none of that is true. You basically can synch the colors and background pic---lame things to synch, relatively speaking. I could keep going, but I'm sure most of you will find that the things I'm complaining about are actually things you like about W10/W10M. As I said, I'm in the minority.
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    03-27-2017 01:03 PM
  10. Wevenhuis's Avatar
    Currently I see a growing backlog of issues growing in that blet expereince. Microsofts focus may be business and OEM related, but its mission statement is also still the cloud and mobility. In my work and surroundigs I have only seen the mobile workspace grow, and touch and pen input has become a more relevant input method for business. More OEM hardware is still expanding with increase touchscreen support as well. For over 12 months I've been seeing a growing backlog of issues with the windows 10 tablet expereince. It makes windows 10 look half baked. For me despite a recent more polished desktop, mouse and keyboard roadmap (which was highly necessary!), windows 10 in my experience has only recently become well rounded enough to carefully consider upgrading. But for touch screen and surface devices I don't consider windows 10, I can't recommend windows 10 fully for 2 in 1 and surface devices.
    Issues that still need work and polishing:
    1. Be able to snap more than two apps at recommend screen resolution. (Similar degrees of freedom to snap app (up to 4) as desktop mode)
    2. Be able to rotate two snapped apps between portrati and landscape orientation. (still disabled after more than 12 months of windows 10 existence. Currently 2 app rotation is locked to desktop mode (odd!!!))
    3. support for more live tiles sizes. (would allow for more and better personalization and management options to pin apps and files to the startsccreen)
    4. support the option to pin all file types as live tiles to the startmenu (current limited to office mobile only. pdf via workaround with MS Edge only, not directly from an app or file manager. Would complete a more complete feature set similar to pinning file icons to the desktop).
    5. support to select and edit multiple live tiles (supported in windows 8. Forgotten still in windows 10, despite recent folder tile update???!!!)
    6. Standardization of antiomation of apps and task switchter between tablet and desktop mode (desktop has a fancy zoom animation, desktop a dysfunctional looking exlosive experience)
    7. better and more choice in Edge live tile design options. I use these a lot. They all look the same, tekst wraps incompletely for many websites, which makes picking the right webtile from a crowd on the startmenu sometimes a "finding waldo" affair.
    8. No swipe support for windows 10 virtual keyboard. Use it a lot on mobile. Would make the experience better and more pleasurable if the experience was the same on pc for touch screen devices. I use keyboard swpe a lot. Invidual keypress on a large keyboard with poor tactile feedback doesn't work for me. One needs to look at the keyboard anyway, so might as well be swipe support. Would ergnomically also be better as I would need two hands to operate a large virtual keyboard (personal experience).
    9. With folder tile support, having tile groups for me is overkill. I can manage my apps better with just a clean full screen start screen dashboard and organize with live tile sizes and folder tiles, just like in mobile. Having to take groups into account as well just overfragments the layout. Would be nice to have an option to turn it off in tablet mode.
    10. Edge swipe is still incomplete. Transition page is grey. Difficult to see/predict the next/previous page. Should be like IE11 metro app in windows 8.
    11. Still lack of personalization of the live tile color/vibrance/transparency. Inconsistent experience between mobile and pc.
    12. A visual indication (possible with timestamp) that live tiles are not updating. Currently they regularly seem to "hang" as if their broken. Difficult to tell if it is due connection or live tile programming error.
    13. instant typing on the keyboard in tablet mode in start menu doesnt automatically call up windows search/cortana search to open.
    14. No option to hide the side bar in start (except for power and apps, has little value and purpose and value in tablet mode what the start menu and taskbar and action center can provide. Arguably more room for the start menu and live tile).
    15. Be able to choose the scroll direction of the start menu. (Currently vertically oriented. Arguably nothing wrong with horzontal scrolling either (windows 8)).
    16. Expand palette of quick actions in action center (arguably missing power, screen brightness slider, volume slider, time/date amongst others (similar to windows 8))
    17. An explorer with more touch friendly layout, UI anf functionality in tablet mode (explorer mobile different from pc. Onedrive app layout different from explorer design and functionality))>
    18. Several apps would work better in portrati orientation if snappable one on top of the other in tablet mode. Currently snapping is limited to longform side by side snapping. For video and browsing for example this setup doesn't work. Other platforms arguably do offer this).
    19. poor to no syncing of the start screen tile layout when reinstalling windows 10 or settings windows 10 up on other devices.

    Non tablet expereince issues:
    1. Lack of quality app support in the store.

    2. Lack of UWP app support in the store (going to be a problem for continuum)
    3. multiple calendars in windows store (outlook) calendar app is hideous. Designated color labeling. Week and month view is a chaotic rainbow layout, hardly usable and not easy to look at. There should be user definable color labeling of calendars and events by the end user.
    Would improve glanceability and management of multiple calendars.
    4. still no good native alternative to microsofts reading list app (windows 8; briefly windows 10). Reading list could still greatly improve with functionality of folder management and support for saving webpages (actual page content) for offline reading. (convenient for travel business or mobile business on the go with poor metered or internet connection)
    5. Fragmented file management experience. Explorer and onedrive shoudl be one by default (not as now a onedrieve folder seperate from the other folders or management seperately from onedrive.com or onedrive app. Confusing!)
    6. Secretive file managment operation for onedrive files on pc. Explorer tilebar menu has no functionality built in to manage onedrive folders. The user has to use the (right click) context menu for that (huh??!!)
    7. Lack of Cortana language support (and thus regional access lock for cortana in many regions. Experiene for many users outside the US is half baked).
    8. Still issues with searching indexed external connected drives in windows/cortana search. I have surface pro devices with microsd storage expansion, checked in the list for search index list, but windows search fails fot find files on external indexed drives (issue for months).
    9. Further efforts to unify a single settings location for settings and control panel. (This would arguably help with helping others troubleshoot windows. It is confusing my language to talk about the translated "control panel" and "settings' as the difference is semantic....so for practical reasons...UNIFY!

    problems related to other posts:

    5. I do agree with the UWP app platform to be store dependent. For me it helps discoverability, no more endless bing or google search for some a hidden website or endless link clicking to get to the right backoffice darkweb type environment website to find a beta app. I can understand developers problem with sharing beta invites and direct discoverability on the www. I don't the right answer to this problem for many developers. My expereince is though that if a user wants your app he/she will find it either through the store, web, windows central or other blog outlet. The world is very talkative and share-minded these days.

    8. I have been able to use Edge as the main browser withoug much fus in windows 10. Granted running on insiders slow build 15058 right now. But I have found it quite reliable and stable enough to use on a daily basis. Only dependence on google for me is to double check map local search results for completeness and high quality academic papers. I think it will work fine with creators update. I think Edge has a decent favorites manager.
    9. I agree microsoft has a too strict policy on regional locks for Cortana. The odd thing is Cortana is also promoted as a productivity and main feature for windows 10. But once installing 10 the user has to change regional/language settings to one of the few supported languages. This causes problems with system label translations not being able to stay in the native regional language. And certain apps are regionally locked, making them inaccessible in the store. Lastly Cortana fails to understand languages that are not part of the shortlist of languages supported. Cortana also has advanced system functionalities related to apps and services, but outside the US , basically they don't work, making Cortana a redundant feature.
    11. see above.
    12. I think this is a transition period. As I see it the delivery of windows 8 was in many ways too advanced and forward thinking for its time in an age where the pc and mouse and keyboard input method domanted the workspace. Many workspaces still had a workflow and pc devices mainly dependent on the mouse and keyboard (+ trackpad) input method. whilst the OS had a touch inputcentric design first to it. Ironcally in a relatively short timespan the workflow has changed greatly. The mobile workflow adoption is increasing, touch and pen input are becoming more relevant input methods. Businesses are becoming more efficient where keystroke textbox UIs are incresingly being replace with objects (buttons, checkboxes). I think we will see a change where the desktop enivironment will slowly phase out in favor of a more multifunctional live tile and start menu environment as user discoverablility of windows 10 grows. I think we will see this already in rs3 with project neon and Composable shells. From a desktop perspective live tiles can be seen as improved multifunctional icons and desktop links. From a tablet experience I have come to use live tiles as a more efficient way to plan my workflow with relevant inforamtion at a glance and a richer organizaion of information, files and apps to work with without even having to open an app or search more
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    03-27-2017 01:51 PM
  11. vzczc's Avatar
    Microsofts inability to get regional settings, language and formats correct is the most disappointing thing about Windows 10. There are thousands of feedback items that relate to this fundamental problem in Windows, yet not one of them have receeived any attention from MS.

    Let me explain. This is a problem rooted in MS mistaken assumptions about how region, language and various formats are related. In classical windows, say Windows 7, think control panel, things were mostly right. You had region, you had languages and formatting. Complicated, yes, but very flexible. You could pretty much combine these settings as you liked.

    Enter Windows 10. Here, regional settings in the control panel, are ignored by most UWP apps, think weather, alarms, skype app, etc. If you, like many, prefer your UI, to be in English US (I can not stand using my native Norwegian for this, absolutely hate it), but you region is somewhere in Europe, in my case, Norway. Then windows assumes that it can safely ignore my regional settings that specify 24 hour clock, ddmmyyyy date formatting decimal separator etc. I am forced between, suffering through apps server in Norwegian or US formatting.

    Make this travesty go away.
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    03-27-2017 03:34 PM
  12. sunnybyday's Avatar
    Performance is bad for Mobile. The "Resuming".. issue and time it takes to load apps, even MSN apps on Lumia 950 XL is simply unacceptable in this day and age - this is even more glaring after I started using iPhone as my primary device (due to app support from work) - the iphone runs circles in terms of performance of apps and how quickly they launch and resume. day and night. MS needs to fix this asap, this was WP 7.5 / WP 8 USP and its sadly lost now.
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    03-27-2017 03:49 PM
  13. Ronald#WP's Avatar
    Deletegated as 2nd class citizen (stuff ain't getting fixed.)
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    03-27-2017 04:29 PM
  14. kmarcel's Avatar
    My 1st problem is reliability (in production) from Windows and updates. Which is now literally missing.
    My 2nd problem is the core OS. When an engineer from Microsoft explains how hard it is to get audio out, WiFi drops daily, and windows - lock each other or pop as "Always on Top" on each other in production... you start wondering if you should be looking for other solutions.
    My 3rd problem is experimentation. One out of tens i found: Most insiders on insider versions (15xxx), now have Bluetooth issues. Guess what, 14393.latest from production now has Bluetooth issues, the same as insiders, that were not present.

    And after these, i have BIG problems...
    And i can complain for hours, but i'll wait until Windows core gets fixed, or i get tired of waiting.
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    03-27-2017 04:32 PM
  15. kmarcel's Avatar
    I know, but this is happening in all Windows.
    I also know there is no more QA and is it handled by devs. However, this doesn't explain all issues.
    My newest assumption is:
    1) The app teams is ONE team for ALL UWP apps in Windows (explains a lot - basic features, no actual updates, no UX as in any Win32 app, the assumptions you talk about, etc).
    2) The UWP API and presentation is limiting even Microsoft and it knows it since 2015 at least. (app hibernation, no access to system for integration (like Win32), user UI with 5% info and pages of scroll, etc)
    3) Since forever (and months now) they are all waiting for a change that will come sometime... in the future (UWP API changes, project Neon, etc...), so they don't bother making changes.
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    03-27-2017 04:46 PM
  16. kwright62's Avatar
    File place holders. Can't really use 10 unless I have a massive hard drive. I still have a SP3 for file work as it is so much faster than moving stuff back and forth and the desk top one drive Application is un-stable. Many programs don't offer one drive cloud based files as an option for saving documents. As a result I sync a "transfer file"and use it as a "brief case" to move flies to the cloud.

    Lack of updates in the People Application and Photo Application.

    Best parts: Single use interface that can be optimized for tablet, text message application that actually works regardless of carrier (using 950XL).
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    03-27-2017 05:19 PM
  17. nimblebits's Avatar
    It is silly that you need to pay £12 for Windows DVD Player app when previously playback was built into all versions of Windows. The app itself isn't very stable either. It is a poor decision.
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    03-27-2017 05:40 PM
  18. graple's Avatar
    I would like Microsoft to give its users the ability to decide what apps and services are tied to their MSA. I have spoken with two Microsoft engineers and they tell me they are working on it, but it has been years and I've seen no forward movement on this issue to indicate otherwise.

    For example: Why am I automatically signed into Skype by default every time I sign into Outlook Mail? What if I prefer not to use Skype? At this time I have no alternative because it is on by default and currently it can't be unlinked from my MSA. What ever happened to choice Microsoft? It used to be a hallmark of this company. Increasingly, as a consumer user I am seeing that I have little choice in what I consider most helpful to my OWN productivity. I spend more time trying to find out how to remove unwanted apps and services than I actually spend doing things on my devices. That is unacceptable, not to mention ridiculous.

    310 people agreed on the feedback app to the issue of the automatic Skype sign in within Outlook Mail and this was the response from Luis E. a Microsoft Engineer:

    Skype being part of Microsoft, our effort is to give Windows 10 users the best experience possible and that means that for those users that have a primary MSA set in their device they will be able to start communicating with their friends and loved ones for free and without having to go through the process of creating an account. It was always our best intention and we apologize if this have been an inconvenience to those of you not interested in using all the cool things Skype has to offer.

    If you are not interested in Skype you can definitely go ahead and manually sign out from Skype Preview (without uninstalling it), we'll save those settings for you and you will not be automatically signed in anymore.
    If you are an already existing Skype user and we signed you in to the incorrect account using you device MSA we also apologize for that, feel free to sign out and sign in again using your existing account, we promise you'll love the new Skype :)

    Thanks for always providing feedback!"

    Talk about being tone deaf!!

    Why can't you allow users to add which apps and services they want associated with their MSA's via a checklist on their Account Management Page? You used to do it with Windows Live Essentials...where you could check which programs you wanted to download.

    Another illustration of this is why does the Photos app constantly create automatic photo albums for me? This drives me NUTS! Would it not seem logical that I am more capable of putting photos that I took into an album of my own creation than having it done for me? I have albums I didn't create and can't find the ones I did create. I uploaded some new vacation pictures and half went in an album I didn't create and the other half were placed in another folder with pictures from 10 years ago. My photos are all over the place. I have lost hours upon hours of the organization I put into my photos. I have given up on this app altogether!

    Why can I have contact pictures with the Mail and Calendar app or Outlook Mail instead of those ridiculous colored blocks with the initials in them? I had assigned contact pictures for all my contacts and with the last update to the Mail and Calendar and Outlook Mail they were removed and given these colored blocks with the initials. I was livid!

    Why can't I chose which font, font color, and font size when using Outlook Mail/Mail and Calendar instead of having to change it from the default EVERYTIME I use email? This is so aggravating.

    I could list more but these are the ones that irritate me the most, and which will probably force me to move to another OS after 30 yrs. with this company. Come on Microsoft, you used to be so much better!
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    03-27-2017 06:46 PM
  19. Jcmg62's Avatar
    Printing in Edge. When I try to print bank statements it'll only print the first page....it ignores the other pages below that make up the entire document.

    I have to revert back to internet explorer when it comes to doing my monthly accounting because of this
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    03-28-2017 12:18 AM
  20. 6Kings's Avatar
    My biggest complaints revolve around the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. It is unreliable, glitchy, and frustrating. On mobile L950, the wi-fi drops continuously. What is worse, the Mobile OS can't even switch between Wi-FI and cell service so most of the time I can't use any apps until I turn off Wi-Fi or toggle it off/on to reset the connection. That is completely stupid. I notice that on the Mobile most but have had issues connecting to Wi-Fi where the log in pages won't come up and so you are stuck connected but no service until you forget the network and reconnect. This happens on any device that is W10 quite often. Can't use Windows for much when it turns your device into a brick.
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    03-28-2017 07:24 AM
  21. appelgren's Avatar
    In Windows 8 the recommended way to buy apps for your kids was to login to the store with your own account on your child's Windows account. Purchases were password protected with my password and worked great.

    In Windows 10 they now recommend that you gift money to the child account instead. The problem with that is that then all the apps you've already purchased are no longer available for your kids. You can still do it the Windows 8 way with one gigantic caveat, purchases are not password protected with the password for the account signed in to the store, it is protected with the child Windows account PIN and of course my son knows his own PIN.
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    03-28-2017 07:47 AM
  22. Chad Barnett's Avatar
    I would love to be able to type in a group name in either an email or text message and send to that group. This used to work well in Windows phone 8/8.1. But it has never worked with Windows 10 pc or mobile. I've posted feedback and it shows that they've "Got it.". But it has shown that for a while. I agree with the Original Poster in that they probably don't care enough to put requested features in. Even though they were removed since 8/8.1. Oh well.
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    03-28-2017 08:05 AM
  23. Bmoore429's Avatar
    The so called "telemtry" data that your are forced to have sent to Microsoft's servers. If they offered an opt-out I would upgrade from 8.1.
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    03-28-2017 09:26 AM
  24. Neeraj Ashu's Avatar
    I don't like windows 10 mobile too(due to inconsistency in ui). but you are wrong about memory management.
    WhatsApp is not uwp app so it will not resume instantly but apps like viber,skype preview etc. works fast and resume instantly even in 1 gb ram phones.
    03-29-2017 07:11 AM
  25. Luis Carlos Ruiz Paternina's Avatar
    I don't like windows 10 mobile too(due to inconsistency in ui). but you are wrong about memory management.
    WhatsApp is not uwp app so it will not resume instantly but apps like viber,skype preview etc. works fast and resume instantly even in 1 gb ram phones.
    Being a UWP or not has nothing to do with resuming the app fast or slow. Please read what UWP is... Universal Windows app are good for developers to develop a single app that will run on different screen sizes. There is nothing in code asking whether the app resumed is a uwp or not. By the way I have tested with Skype on Lumia 950 and Lumia 650 and both take around 3 seconds to resume being the only app running. That's poor memory management on a 3GB ram device.
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    04-22-2017 02:05 PM
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