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    I have installed windows 10 mobile latest version on my Lumia 930 and it was performing like a charm, but suddenly the pc is not detecting my phone.
    I have tried another USB cable but nothings happen, and I have tried another pc with different OS (Win7) and different USB but the same result. nothing happens, I have done a much hard reset but the same issue, every time I put the USB cable on the phone it only gives me a sound of charging and then the notifications of charging slow come up,
    it took me 6 or 7 hours to completely charge the phone, which is annoying. I use my phone most of the time to transfer data via USB. I have tried the WDRT to recover and go back to a clean Win phone 8.1, but it's not detecting my phone at all, even when he is about to reboot, I have tried the instruction of the WDRT when I press my phone was not detected " The power button and the volume down " several times but nothing happens, I have tried the flash mode and also nothing works.
    the phone is completely dead.
    I think after many searches on the internet is that the drivers on my Lumia are damaged and I am looking for a solution to refresh them maybe I can make it work as the only solution to make a refresh is to go back with WDRT win8.1 and that's impossible with this situation
    so is there any solution?
    08-17-2017 09:57 PM

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