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    So I've got the Samsung Galaxy Book 12 -- heck of a machine. Love it (had it since release in May)

    I've got Windows 10 on 2 desktops, my laptop, and now the Galaxy Book. Anytime I receive mail, I get the little notification that shows it with my quick options to mark as read or delete.

    I find on the Galaxy Book if I have the mail app closed, after about an hour of being closed, I no longer get notifications of mail. I have to open it and there is the mail. It doesn't do this on my 2 desktops or Laptop - I get notifications regardless of whether the app is open or closed. In order to continue to get notifications, I have to leave the mail app open. Not a big deal, but I wondered if I was missing something here...

    Anyone else having this issue too? Found a way to resolve this? I consider myself a pretty proficient Windows 10 user -- I've been with it since rollout. So I've been through every setting/option imaginable here... still can't fix it on my Galaxy Book
    08-24-2017 08:43 AM

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