1. James Auman's Avatar
    I'm on a AT&T Lumia 950. I'm currently running 10.0.15063.674. If i just check for updates, i don't find any. Any way to force the upgrade to come before AT&T is ready for me to have it? Or should i wait and be patient (it will be better once AT&T gets to it).
    10-28-2017 07:38 PM
  2. RumoredNow's Avatar
    Insider Slow Ring. If you don't want any of the updates from Insider, you can step your choice down to Production and you'll stay where you are until production passes your build number.

    Slow Ring isn't bad and you get patches and fixes early with minimal chance of a glitch.
    aximtreo likes this.
    10-29-2017 02:23 AM
  3. James Auman's Avatar
    I thought they approved Fall Creators update for production, so shouldn't i get it even if i'm not on the fast/slow ring?
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    10-29-2017 04:40 PM
  4. shmsnh's Avatar
    You're right. You should get the update without going through the Insider route. One, it's not a firmware update, so AT&T shouldn't care. Two, it's been released to Production.
    10-30-2017 01:47 AM
  5. akmostar13's Avatar
    Same here... AT&T Lumia 950, no update yet. If I remember correctly I had to wait a week or two for 1703.
    10-30-2017 08:17 AM
  6. James Auman's Avatar
    Still waiting (10/31)
    10-31-2017 10:23 AM
  7. Jcmg62's Avatar
    Out of curiosity, what is the fall creator build number?

    I'm currently at 15063.674
    11-02-2017 06:38 AM
  8. akmostar13's Avatar
    15254.1... Installed today
    11-02-2017 05:02 PM
  9. Ryujingt3's Avatar
    Chances are you are waiting because of your network provider. As others have said, might just be best to jump to the Insider slow ring then opt-out once done.
    11-05-2017 06:45 AM

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