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Looking for IT Resources

Asked: Jun 03 2019 | 4:59 pm EDT 4720 Views 6 Answers View Best Answer

I'm already relatively adept at technology support and maintenance, but I'm interested in expanding and testing my knowledge in IT and potentially pursuing a career in it. Does anyone know of good, free resources I could use?

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Jun 04 2019 | 3:18 pm EDT spicypadthai

No problem, and just noticed the VA goes away in a few days and MS Learn is the site to use.

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Jun 03 2019 | 8:18 pm EDT Golfdriver97

What exactly would you like to do? Depending on what you want might have an effect on what you would need to learn.
Jun 03 2019 | 8:24 pm EDT Zachary Boddy

I just realized there is an extra "r" in the title, which is completely awful. Anyways, I would have a focus on managing Windows 10. I'm already extremely familiar, but I'd like to be even more efficient at handling multiple accounts, handling Windows 10 installs and back-ups, and being able to troubleshoot a variety of Windows issues with ease. I know I have a variety of skills already, but I've never had any formal resources to see if there's something I could do better.
Jun 04 2019 | 10:22 am EDT spicypadthai

Start with the MS Virtual Academy, there are several free courses on a variety of topics. If you're looking at the systems side more than app, then server/network/AD stuff would be more valuable than Windows 10/PC. But the app side, especially front-end web development, probably has the most career upside.
Jun 05 2019 | 9:46 am EDT pkcable

If you (or anyone) has any interest in programming then Github is a great resource.


PS: I fixed the typo in the thread title (plus added a descriptive word). And I marked a "best answer" :)

PPS: A good resource for hardware is Tom's Hardware....