1. compiler's Avatar
    I have W 10 with latest update on 2 computers. I have OneDrive, which contains the Desktop Folder. This was great when I got a new computer, d/l W10 + updates and signed in as my desktop got instantly populated. But here is my problem.

    I have about 6 folders I want on my desktop of the first computer and 6 others for my second computer's desktop. But what goes on one goes on the other. I need desktop in One Drive for other reasons. Is there a way to do this and still have unique folders on the desktop of each computer?

    01-22-2020 04:27 AM
  2. XanderAnilavo's Avatar
    You can simply right click on those folders and you will get an option to keep those offline or option not to sync. 😊
    01-22-2020 05:43 AM
  3. Kevin Rush's Avatar
    The folders on your desktop are just "shortcuts" to the actual folders in your file directory. You can use "File Explorer" to see your file directory. Open the "File Explorer" software and look at the directory of all your folders and files. Double Click on OneDrive to see the folders and files there. Single click on any of them and then right click. A menu will open with lots of options. One of the options will be create "shortcut on desktop". This works for files or folders.
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    01-22-2020 06:05 AM
  4. compiler's Avatar
    Thanks Kevin, but I am aware of that. But I want shortcuts on my desktop. Again, some on one computer and NOT on the other. I can't seem to do that and still have the desktop in OneDrive

    01-22-2020 11:47 AM
  5. gmoore114's Avatar
    In explorer, OneDrive. Right click the folder you want on the PC and select " always keep on this device ".
    Then you have three choices using a right click on the selected folder.
    pin to quick access
    Pin to start
    Send to > desktop as a shortcut
    01-22-2020 04:59 PM
  6. compiler's Avatar
    Thanks folks, but still no joy.
    Again, let me simplify my problem. Say I want file A ON the desktop on Computer#1 but NOT on Computer #2.
    But once it is on Computer #1 then Onedrive puts it on both computers.
    So I go to Computer #1, right click on file A, choose to always keep on this device. I then delete that file from Computer #2.
    Unfortunately, it also gets deleted from Computer #1. Why?

    01-23-2020 03:53 PM
  7. excalibur1814's Avatar
    Okay... hopefully I'm understanding what you'd like to do.

    On OneDrive, create two folders within the root.

    Direct the Desktop folder, from Computer1, to the Computer1 folder.
    Direct the Desktop folder, from Computer2, to the Computer2 folder.

    P.s. This actually doesn't answer your question, but it is an option.
    01-28-2020 06:27 AM

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