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    Im going to switch completely to outlook from gmail. Problem is i need to change the outlook account name.. now i log in to my outlook account with my gmail-address, and i want to change that. When i try to, it just says that its not possible to change account name.

    I thought maybe it would be easier to make a new account, but then i realised that i would mess up everything, me having 3 windows 8 pcs that all use the gmail-login. I also use skydrive, and have bougt apps in windows store..

    I have also made an outlook alias, but that just appears as a folder in outlook.com when i want i to merge with the gmail-outlook account..

    I hope you understand me, and can give me some advice :O
    12-20-2012 04:01 PM
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    I switched from Gmail to Outlook recently. There's an article on WP (Guide: How to get a new Live ID and keep all your Windows Phone app purchases | Windows Phone Central) about transferring your ID over and still maintaining your Windows Phone app purchases, although it requires an Xbox. I tried to go through this method the other day, and it was working until the account I was transferring to already had an Xbox profile attached--an accident from when it autogenerated one for me when I played an Xbox Live-enabled game on Windows 8. I don't know if this method would transfer Windows 8 app purchases over, but I thought I would provide the link in case you're willing to try it.

    That rename feature may only be available for Hotmail users. I remember I was trying to get this switched over when Outlook.com was first released but couldn't find a way through the options in the Outlook.com control panel. But you can get pretty much the full Outlook.com experience by creating an alias through the settings page on Outlook.com. In the Manage Your Accounts section in the settings, you can select Your Email Accounts to change the default sending address to your alias, which would also apply to any device you may own. This option wasn't available when I was I was looking to do this, and I only found out just now searching for a solution for you. That seems as though you can use the superior Outlook.com interface through means of an alias--which allows you to send and receive messages--to practically achieve all of the benefits of Outlook.com. The only difference is that you would still have to sign into your Windows 8 PCs and other MS services with your Gmail address.

    Maybe somebody else can provide a better solution for you, but if not, perhaps one of those suggestions would suffice.
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    12-21-2012 04:31 AM
  3. Plystrern's Avatar
    Thank you very much! I think im getting an xbox this christmas, so i'll check out the guide next week! =))
    12-21-2012 05:13 PM

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