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    Like a few people here, I purchased Halo Spartan Assault on my Windows Phone for $1.99 as a red stripe deal and when the game became a Universal App, I could not download it in the Windows 8 store on their PC/Laptop/Tablet.

    Well, when Riptide 2 was released on Windows Phone as a Universal App, I decided to contact Microsoft concerning my Halo Spartan Assault issue...

    The rep, looked and told me that I "purchased the game during a promo, and that version is NOT a universal App." Strange, as the download page shows it both as purchased AND universal.

    So, despite the store telling me one thing, and support telling me another, it's a bit frustrating. NOWHERE does it mention this on the Windows or Windows Phone stores, nor can I find this info in a search. Even worse, previously purchased apps that became universal afterwards never showed this issue.

    Now, I dealt with an online rep, who supposedly forwarded me to "T3" support.... yet, is the same rep responding to me.

    Now my question.... Has anyone else been in this situation AND had it rectified or dealt with a similar "your version is NOT universal" type answer??
    11-14-2014 10:59 AM

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