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    And by seizing up, I mean it's having major seizures. Ghost touches, mainly. The interesting thing, however, is that this only occurs when I touch the display. When at rest, it's just fine.

    Can anyone give me a hand here? I can post up a short youtube video if need be.

    EDIT: After a few minutes, my display seems to have magically repaired itself. However, my accelerometer now does not register being in the upright position. It goes to either side, but not upright. I imagine that this is probably due to me screwing around in Diagnostics with the "Cal" button, but help would be appreciated.

    EDIT 2: And after lying the Focus down on my coffee table and recalibrating it, the rotation seems to work now. It's a bit slower, but I guess that'll teach me that this is not webOS and I cannot touch big buttons that say "Cal" on them, even if they're pretty.
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    calibrating... how do you accomplish this?

    i get to the calibration screen, but what is it that has to be done? i touch the squares and a dot appears.
    05-10-2011 05:06 PM