1. Arhen R's Avatar

    So I got the notification that my trophy had the update on 9/27 and told me to plug the phone into my computer for the update to complete. I have a mac and am running the mac verizon of zune (windows phone 7 connector for mac).
    I plugged it in, it gave me the okay. Started backing up my phone for about 45 minutes and then said applying updates. After about a total of an hour it said it was complete and it reset my phone then gave me the message saying my phone has been updated and I am allowed to unplug. I did and took a look....Nothing! it is still on the 7.0 software version and every time I tried plugging in again and checking for updates it says I am up to date.
    needless to say I have called HTC and all they could tell me to do is try it again. I checked with verizon Knova portals and it says to take the phone into a direct store for flash of the software. So I took the phone into the direct store and the ***** tried to tell me that the model phone in the store had mango only because it was "their" phone and it was a model and I should be getting the update within a few weeks and they didn't have anything that could flash the software. Then I called in and talked to Tier 2 and the guy said yeah the only way I could get the software now is to take the phone into a store for flashing. So I called another store and that guy told me that the system they use to flash updates with would not be able to handle the large update that mango is and that no one will be able to do it. I don't have a working Windows computer so that I can attempt to hook it up to Zune to try to get it from that, but called Zune support and they said that Windows Phone 7 connector for mac "IS" their software and should be capable of doing the same functions as zune as far as updates go. So I am at a complete loss as what to do. ANY TAKERS??
    10-02-2011 12:13 AM
  2. scottcraft's Avatar
    I got an update notice on my trophy Tuesday. I was so excited because I thought it was mango. It turns out it was 7392. I had to force the mango update with the zune trick posted in the wpcentral articles.
    10-02-2011 08:54 AM
  3. Verizon Hopeful's Avatar
    Scottcraft: Was the mango update successful? How long did you spend in Step 6: Restart Your Phone?
    10-02-2011 02:05 PM
  4. malachijd's Avatar
    Yeah I did the same thing as arhen. I was so happy that I was getting mango only to find out it was just the security update. I forced it to. I was so thankful that there was a way to force the update so I did that and haven't looked back since
    10-02-2011 04:21 PM
  5. scottcraft's Avatar
    Scottcraft: Was the mango update successful? How long did you spend in Step 6: Restart Your Phone?
    Yes, the mango update was successful. I can't remember how long I spent in step 6. Overall either step 6 or step 7, maybe both, were pretty lengthy. Hope you get your phone updated, mango is awesome!
    10-02-2011 08:06 PM
  6. Arhen R's Avatar
    So I don't have Zune, is there a way that I can do the trick with windows phone connector for Mac? And does this mean that the actual update mango is not available??
    10-02-2011 08:40 PM
  7. AdamJP's Avatar
    I'm on a Mac and had to use PC Zune to force 7403 onto the phone. Then I use the Connector for Mac to get 7702. Ok I wouldn't entirely recommend doing it that way but I took the risk and my Trophy is on Mango.
    10-04-2011 07:35 PM
  8. sidecarbob's Avatar
    Forcing update to mango and stuck in "Please wait while we determine the amount of disk space required to complete the update". Been there for hours. Has this happened to others?
    10-13-2011 01:15 PM