1. iphonemilk's Avatar
    Just got my lumia 900, its amazing btw..

    But where's all the Nokia apps? I go to the marketplace and its not there...and I can't even search for Nokia drive....

    What happened ?
    04-06-2012 03:02 PM
  2. ryouzaki's Avatar
    check under "nokia collections" :)
    04-06-2012 03:07 PM
  3. iphonemilk's Avatar
    check under "nokia collections" :)
    I DONT HAVE IT!!! I'm going to FREAK OUT if it's somehow removed from my phone !!!

    When I go to marketplace it just says "apps"... Even my HTC titan had an HTC section...theres no Nokia section....what do I do!!
    04-06-2012 03:10 PM
  4. wheelerk's Avatar
    You have to go into the Nokia portion of the marketplace. You have to install them.

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    04-06-2012 03:12 PM
  5. techygeek82's Avatar
    Maybe try a factory reset? Could be a mixed up bit somewhere

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    04-06-2012 03:12 PM
  6. iphonemilk's Avatar
    Just did a factory reset and I still don't see any Nokia apps. Nothing in the marketplace either there's no Nokia section at all...

    IM PISSED...about to take it back for a perm refund
    04-06-2012 03:23 PM
  7. PG2G's Avatar
    Haha, relax man. Are other AT&T folks seeing it? Remember, the phone isn't even officially out yet. There might be some switch that needs to be flipped in the back end somewhere.
    04-06-2012 03:26 PM
  8. cj-m's Avatar
    hey! relax...the phone is good, just try wheelerk's suggestion and if that doesnt work someone will help out. every one is new with this and so we can all get to learn.
    04-06-2012 03:28 PM
  9. PG2G's Avatar
    Go here: http://www.windowsphone.com/en-US/ap...c-7a4ff2993663

    And click on Nokia Corp in the Published By: section on the left. This might show you all of the Nokia published apps. I can't verify because I have a Samsung device
    04-06-2012 03:31 PM
  10. diegosalinas's Avatar

    I didn't see the Nokia section either.

    Then, after about 2 hours, I went back to Marketplace to browse and the Nokia section was there.

    I don't know why there is a delay in showing up. Maybe has to do something OTA?

    Try again in a few hours.
    04-06-2012 03:44 PM
  11. cj-m's Avatar
    Like it has been mentioned elsewhere, I think everything is slowly falling into place for the official launch date, so there might be a few teething problems.
    04-06-2012 03:58 PM
  12. Adiliyo's Avatar
    i think it provisions (probably not the right word) after the first boot, so it could take a little longer one some devices than others, but mine personally was instant (or near instant, i went to the marketplace after i finished cleaning up and linking my contacts, and texting all my friends/fam/coworkers my new number so it took me a bit...
    04-06-2012 04:12 PM
  13. sting7k's Avatar
    I don't see it yet. I also can't fine the CNN app. ESPN is already on my phone but wasn't it supposed to have some CNN exclusive app as well?
    04-06-2012 04:35 PM
  14. tissotti's Avatar
    Are all of you switching from another Windows Phone?
    04-06-2012 04:40 PM
  15. sting7k's Avatar
    Are all of you switching from another Windows Phone?
    Coming from iPhone. Never had Windows Phone before.
    04-06-2012 04:42 PM
  16. Adiliyo's Avatar
    i've had a focus and focus s, but my most recent (and current secondary) device is a galaxy note, and coming from that, the lumia feels almost tiny in hand.

    but i am in love with this phone.
    04-06-2012 04:53 PM
  17. apoc527's Avatar
    Well, not to rub salt in anyone else's wounds, but my Nokia Collection was showing up immediately after I got the phone activated. I'm sure it'll show up eventually!
    04-06-2012 04:57 PM
  18. JNeo302's Avatar
    I had the same issue, but it finally showed up. I restarted a couple times and turned on wifi and it showed up. Could have been coincidence.
    04-06-2012 09:01 PM
  19. Hungryman204's Avatar
    It's been four hours... I still don't see it:@
    04-06-2012 09:45 PM