1. vane0326's Avatar
    I read somewhere on this forum the cause for random reboots is because the syncing of the Facebook app.

    Now I don't have a Facebook account nor my phone has a reboot problem BUT it does get lockup every other day. My wife has the exact same phone and she doesn't have this problem. The only different is the apps. My wife has NOT install any apps, but I have. So I uninstalled all my game apps and apps that I think it can cause any type of syncing.

    I will post later too see if this got my issue resolved.
    12-21-2012 09:52 AM
  2. hopmedic's Avatar
    The facebook app may be a cause, but it is not the cause. I'm not using it. My experience has been that each and every time my phone has locked up or rebooted it has been while my phone was linked to my car via bluetooth. Sometimes playing podcasts and I tried to change the display, it locked (once, in the midst of entering the lockscreen PIN), a few times while talking on the phone via bluetooth hands free through my car stereo, and a few times when my wife has sent a text while listening to a podcast through aux input (headset cable), but while linked through BT to car stereo. Whenever there is a text involved, and the phone reboots, the text is lost and I never get it. If you listen to the WPCentral podcast, they've had similar experiences with BT apparently being a cause.

    That's not to say there aren't other causes, but BT is at least one cause.

    Also, I'd seen a post over on Verizon's forums where a Nokia rep suggested a way to reset. Well, the person who posted got it wrong in their description, as I tried it and never got the exclamation point that they said should show up. But last night I saw a conversation between Nokia Care US and someone else on Twitter and posted it here in one of the other 822 threads, but after a reboot this am, I tried it. We'll see if it works. Here's how I did it and actually did see the exclamation point:
    1. Turn phone off. Not asleep, but all the way off.
    2. Plug phone in and at the same time, pressed power button and volume down button, then released and held down the volume down button. The exclamation point came up.
    3. Press/hold power button until it restarted again.

    Now I'll wait and see if it happens again....
    12-21-2012 12:49 PM
  3. vane0326's Avatar
    My phone hasn't locked up since I uninstalled the apps from my phone.

    BUT my Bluetooth will NOT enable. It keeps trying, I just see the little dots keeps going and going and going. The only way to stop this is restart my phone and then I was able to enable Bluetooth.

    There's are 2 things what's going on with my Windows phone 8 Nokia Lumia 822...

    1.) The phone can't sync properly with 3rd party apps. That causes the phone to locked up and probably the random reboots that other people are experiencing.

    2.) The Bluetooth on the phone was poorly written. That causes various issues with people are having with their phones, like:
    .Random Reboots
    .Lost Connection
    .Continuous loop when enabling Bluetooth on phone. (Only way to resolve it is by restarting phone)

    My conclusion is stick with this phone and have faith Microsoft to resolve these issues.
    I'm hoping Microsoft can get this fix.

    Also, if Microsoft can add Cisco vpn anyconnect or Sonicwall then I can recommend my co-workers by getting this phone.

    One other thing, I would like to see real time GPS when looking for my phone. I guess I can keep refreshing the web page but that is not suitable for me.

    My kid will be a pre-teen in a couple of years and I would like to give my child a phone that can track there whereabouts in real time. Hopefully this feature can e added in the near future.
    12-23-2012 09:55 PM
  4. hopmedic's Avatar
    I know this sounds drastic, but have you tried a hard reset? It's not nearly as drastic as it would have been two months ago, trust me. I reset my phone twice last weekend. The restore is almost automated, with exception of things like wifi settings, kids corner, in-app data, and home screen layout. I just took screenshots of my homescreen (because I'm OCD) and synced my phone to get the image to the computer. The backup info will restore all of the apps except a few. From what I see, it appears that those that it doesn't automatically install (they are unnamed in the list) appear to be the original apps in the phone, ones that have since been updated, like Drive, Maps, Extras + Info, things like that. The phone is a bit more unstable at first, until the Extras + Info reinstalls, since you can't go pull that one, but both times it installed in under 20 hours. Also, when completed, I copied my camera roll and saved pictures back to the phone from the PC, so my pictures are all back on the phone. It took a while to get it all installed, because I had over 1.4GB of apps on the phone, and it pulled about 30 or 40MB OTA before it gives you the chance to put in the WiFi info, but once you do that, if you plug in the phone, it will stay connected to WiFi while it does the rest.
    12-24-2012 07:44 AM

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