1. dby2011's Avatar
    Today my new Nokia 822 will arrive that will replace my very reliable HTC Trophy. I just have a few questions for those who have also switch to a 822 from a Trophy. From what I ready all my contacts will be transferred from the Trophy to the 822 once I log on to the new phone using my microsoft windows live acct right? Will I still be able to use the Trophy and it's apps on wifi once my verizon acct is switched to the 822? I'd like to use the Trophy as a mp3 player to use when I work out instead of my phone. Thanks!
    03-08-2013 08:34 AM
  2. joel ramos's Avatar
    Nokia has an app to transfer your contacts straight over, but then you will have duplicates because once you do log in with your account, all your contacts will populate.
    and yes you can still use the trophy through wifi and continue using it as an mp3 or phone if you get it sim unlocked, then you can also use it like that.
    rumors has it that the 822 is sim unlocked and it works with att and tmobil. so its a good phone to have if you ever chose to change carriers you can take that phone with you as well.
    anyways have no worries about the device. now i am not familiar with trophy, but with lumia you can do a back up and restore, if trophy has that option, you might be able to restore it with new device and have your mms, and text as well

    have fun with 822, dont get angry if it acts up here and there.
    03-08-2013 09:03 AM
  3. gapost's Avatar
    If you have your contacts in your Microsoft account, you can just login and they will get to your 822. I don't think the 7.5/8 has the backup feature that WP8 has, so you won't have all your apps/texts like you will have with WP8. But, you can go to your account at windowsphone.com and you can re-download your apps.
    03-08-2013 09:14 AM
  4. Microsoftjunkie's Avatar
    Yes you are able to still use your Trophy like you always have, even after you enter your account on your 822. You can have two devices with the same account, games, apps, etc.
    03-08-2013 09:18 AM
  5. dby2011's Avatar
    Thanks everyone. I didn't think about all the text messages I will lose. So there is no way to back up text messages and transfer them to the 822?
    03-08-2013 09:23 AM
  6. o4liberty's Avatar
    The text messages should transfer over automatically
    03-09-2013 08:03 AM
  7. raul_junior's Avatar
    NOOOOO you should of waited till the end of the month when the Lumia 928 is being announced! (at least that's what the rumor is)
    03-09-2013 08:34 AM
  8. poddie's Avatar
    The text messages should transfer over automatically
    I don't believe this is true. WP7.x has no text message backup. WP8 does.

    Note that you will also lose all game saves. Not even WP8 can back those up.
    03-09-2013 08:46 AM
  9. smontoya2's Avatar
    NOOOOO you should of waited till the end of the month when the Lumia 928 is being announced! (at least that's what the rumor is)
    I was thinking the same but I'm getting tired of rumors so im shopping for a used 822 online & saving my upgrade for the 928 when it actually releases.
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    03-09-2013 09:15 AM
  10. stephen_az's Avatar
    The text messages should transfer over automatically
    Text messages do not get transferred from the Trophy to the 822. When you buy, if through a VZW store, the person can ask them what they can transfer but I do not think that is on their list. There is a disconnect between 7.x and 8.x devices with respect to text messages and it absolutely does not transfer any electronically.
    03-09-2013 09:51 AM
  11. stephen_az's Avatar
    NOOOOO you should of waited till the end of the month when the Lumia 928 is being announced! (at least that's what the rumor is)
    Now there is great advice. Someone should not buy a phone they may need but should wait for a rumored device that doesn't even constitute vaporware. The supposed 928 is an unsubstantiated rumor put forth by people looking for traffic/hits on their website - that is the beginning and end of the story until VZW or Nokia announce something. Their lack of response should tell people everything they need to know. While I would also recommend against buying the 822, it is because (in my experience) it is a near useless piece garbage. Recommending against on the grounds that something cool may be released at some unspecified date in the future is the equivalent of saying someone should not buy a car because someday a company may release one that runs on water. BTW, it is "should have" not "should of."
    03-09-2013 10:04 AM
  12. dby2011's Avatar
    Well things went pretty smooth transitioning to the 822 from the Trophy last night. BTW- the 822 came with portico already installed- no updates were available and I checked the OS version and it was 10211. The 822 is much snappier. Bluetooth for calls and text messages work fine in my car. However, the BT audio has some issues with my car where the Trophy worked fine. I still can't believe how poor the Music player is on WP8, I would have thought MS would have spent more time and improved it with WP8- it still is not as good as my Zune 80. I used both the Nokia music app and the Xbox music app and they both would occasionally pause songs on their own when listening to an album. My screen in my car would tell me to hit play on the device occasionally when one song ends on an album- I have to hit play to listen to the next song. Not sure if this is a Nokia/WP8 thing or issues with my car. My Trophy never did this. BTW my car is a 2013 Dodge Dart with the 8.4N Uconnect system.

    Other things I noticed going from WP7.5 to WP8:

    1) No native Adobe Reader for WP8- I tried the free Microsoft one and it has issues reading pdf file from websites- the Trophy had no problems
    2) The voice used for Tellme is much better and more life like then in WP7
    3) Disappointed in the Nokia Map client- still seems very unrefined and confusing to navigate- I installed the old Bing maps to use for now until I have more time to spend with the Nokia maps
    4) Disappointed with the Skype app- find it confusing to navigate also. Also, I could not get any text messages after installing Skype- I had to uninstall it, resync my contacts and then install Skype again to receive text messages- kind of strange.
    5) I put in a Sandisk 64gb micro sd card in- formatted it with the phone and things seem to be fine. It is so nice to have so much space now.

    Other than a few nitpicky things I am really happy. The screen is nice, call quality seems good, and I am amazed how much faster 4G is to 3G. I don't think the smaller resolution of the 822 is that big a deal. I liked the idea of the expandable memory and the removable battery with the Nokia over the HTC. I have read about issues with both the 822 and 8x. So far it seems I got a good 822. Also, I like the 920 and would wait but after playing with one at the Att store I found it to be too big and heavy (I assume the Verizon version will be just as big). It would have been too big to fit in my center console in my car where the 822 is perfect. I did not want to put my phone in one of the cup holders. If the Verizon version had some mind blowing features I would want and will come out in the next 14 days then maybe I will consider switching but I am totally happy with the 822 so far.
    03-09-2013 11:15 AM

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