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    This past weekend I pulled my 822 out of my jacket pocket and it flew out of my hands Frisbee style hitting some concrete and shattering the upper left part of the digitizer screen around the camera, ambient light sensor, and signal strength area of the display. There were cracks running down the glass from this area as well. The phone still worked, and the AMOLED was unscathed. So I went on Ebay and found a replacement for fifteen and change, shipped free, and replaced the screen today. While it was a little bit unnerving when trying to pry off the old glass without damaging the AMOLED, it was other wise rather easy.

    However, after replacing it, and something I've seen on various videos showing the replacement of the 822 digitizer, I realized that the AMOLED does NOT have a polarizer on it, but it is in fact a film that is applied to the digitizer screen as another OEM part (it appears). I looked on my old digitizer, after noticing my blacks weren't as black and the screen was reflecting a lot more ambient light, and I saw the film that was applied to the digitizer with a foam square shaped ring to go around the AMOLED. Now other than buying an assembled OEM display all put together, I don't know how one would find the film to install yourself. So beware. When you look at the pictures on EBay they appear to be slightly tinted, but that ends up being all the protective film you have to peel off (3 layers).

    So I now have a brand new screen with no marks on it at all, but my display isn't as vibrant and black as it used to be. If anyone knows of a screen protector will a polarizer in it, or just a slightly dark tinted one that might similar work, let me know. For others, just understand what you are going to have after replacing the digitizer.
    01-29-2014 05:37 PM

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