1. JimsMaher's Avatar
    I started noticing a new icon that is almost always present on my phone after the update from WP8 to WP8.1:
    What is the icon with the three horizontal lines inside of a rectangle?
    I cannot find any reference to it online and there was no information provided with the update.
    11-26-2014 07:45 AM
  2. Diavke's Avatar
    That's a notification center icon. Place your finger on top of the screen and slide it down to see what's up.
    11-26-2014 07:48 AM
  3. charlatan1978's Avatar
    Not sure if you are serious.
    Put your finger on it and swipe down.
    11-26-2014 07:49 AM
  4. JimsMaher's Avatar
    I was being serious, couldn't find the icon anywhere without knowing that it was called the "Notifications" icon.
    Thank you.
    11-26-2014 07:57 AM
  5. MBY's Avatar
    The Help + Tips app has an icon glossary. You can find it in there as well as some other things you may see and want to identify.
    11-30-2014 04:43 PM

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