1. piyush kumar4's Avatar
    lumia 525 is **** phone 4th time i m sending this phone to microsoft care center 1st screen magnifier then s/w prob then imei got damaged took 10days to get repaired it and now power button is not working after 1week of receiving it.IS there any way 1 can convince microsoft to replace the whole handset or give me new model or can i have my money back ????phone is in warranty left for 4month.
    12-28-2014 01:01 AM
  2. RichardBurt's Avatar
    Rather than posting on a forum have you contacted the company you bought the phone from? That should always be the first thing you do. You did know that?

    There is no point in asking us. We know nothing about your situation / country / service provider / who you bought the phone from.
    12-28-2014 01:17 AM

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