03-16-2016 09:16 AM
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  1. Pycorax's Avatar
    Started out as a WP user since the L925 and now it's time to upgrade. Unfortunately, it isn't out here in Singapore yet, so this is one of the ways which I'll be able to get it! I would love to try out Continuum with it though and well, do phone things with it.
    02-03-2016 05:19 PM
  2. arze317's Avatar
    I forgot about Windows Hello and the iris scanner!
    02-03-2016 05:24 PM
  3. Classicsmiley's Avatar
    I'd really like this device to replace my aging 920. I'd also like to be able to experiment with creating Continuum-enable apps!
    02-03-2016 05:26 PM
  4. Grant Harlor's Avatar
    Id love the upgrade from my 830 to a 950. I am going to do it eventually as it is. I want to buy the dock and play around with continuum too. The first thing I would do with it however, is download the Windows Central app, and thank you guys!

    02-03-2016 05:31 PM
  5. Stocklone's Avatar
    I would love to have a 950 XL to replace my aging OnePlus One.
    02-03-2016 05:40 PM
  6. vc-10's Avatar
    Could definitely do with a new phone!
    02-03-2016 05:42 PM
  7. arthur benedetti white's Avatar
    I would gladly replace my 640 with the 950XL
    02-03-2016 05:44 PM
  8. Art Tuazon's Avatar
    Love that phone. Love the site windowscentral also. Fingers crossed!
    02-03-2016 05:49 PM
  9. WesllenBSilva's Avatar
    Hi guys! I'm from Brazil and taxes here in my country do not help at all so I can switch to a new phone. Government only ******* people. The price of everything has increased exorbitantly. Unfortunately, I can not buy a new phone at the time due to financial crisis and health problems (I have spent a lot of money buying medication).
    I wish I could win this Lumia 950 XL because my old and tired Lumia 920 is no longer working as well as before. broken screen, microphone almost not catching any sound, battery dying really, really fast and very hot, like ... I can almost fry an egg upon the screen (not kidding).

    If I win, I would be very happy and grateful to all of you Windows Central team. I follow your work a long time ago!

    Thank you!
    02-03-2016 05:58 PM
  10. maurobs_93's Avatar
    Good luck! I want a Lumia to try it after years of iPhone
    02-03-2016 06:00 PM
  11. cochesaurus's Avatar
    Hi, I would like the Lumia 950 because I've followed the Windows phone evolution since Windows phone 7 (I had a Lumia 710), and nowadays I have a Lumia 535 and wish I could try the new Windows 10 mobile features, including continuum, and the new updated apps like facebook, maps, etc.
    02-03-2016 06:05 PM
  12. nearlyheadlessarvie's Avatar
    My Lumia 930 is old. Now gimme teh 950! 😂
    02-03-2016 06:07 PM
  13. eshy's Avatar
    It's a great piece of hardware
    02-03-2016 06:08 PM
  14. Reallionare's Avatar
    I really need this. Still with a 520..... Yeah. Yeah. I know
    02-03-2016 06:10 PM
  15. gajomau's Avatar
    this is it :D this i will win :P
    02-03-2016 06:12 PM
  16. Peterson Blanc's Avatar
    If not for the build quality of the case, this would have replaced my Lumia 1020. Will see what the Surface has to offer
    02-03-2016 06:21 PM
  17. W Pratignya's Avatar
    My Lumia 720 was broken, I really really need a new lumia. Please...
    02-03-2016 06:23 PM
  18. Douglas Calvi's Avatar
    I would love to win that Lumia 950 xl because I am sure it would get it so high, I mean high to 3650 m.a.s.l (La Paz, Bolivia) :D and I would be the first lucky owner of a lumia 950 xl, the best phone on market.
    02-03-2016 06:25 PM
  19. Rafael Martinez7's Avatar
    I want it because I would love to try out a Windows phone, and see if it was wonderful. I want to use it for college.
    02-03-2016 06:27 PM
  20. Edward Aguilar's Avatar
    My Lumia 730 is already 1 year and I hope to change it with this phone.
    02-03-2016 06:29 PM
  21. Almanahe's Avatar
    Really nice phone) That would be cool to have one
    02-03-2016 06:33 PM
  22. WCfan's Avatar
    I want this phone because I dropped my Icon and the phone mic broke. So now I have to use an Android as my carrier doesn't offer Windows Phone devices anymore.
    I would use the dedicated camera button to use the fantastic camera to take great pictures during my next vacation.
    02-03-2016 06:45 PM
  23. RPonWC's Avatar
    Time to upgrade and try out continuum.
    02-03-2016 06:45 PM
  24. Massimiliano Carli's Avatar
    Nice! I want to complete my w10 collection of pc+surface pro!
    02-03-2016 06:47 PM
  25. mrapm's Avatar
    This post ran into an error that will affect your current Lumia 930 being transformed into a 950 XL,
    and now needs to restart.

    If you would like to know more, you can search online later for this error : ASK_WINDOWS_CENTRAL
    02-03-2016 06:49 PM
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