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    Samsung's Note 7-shaped hole, err, recall just keeps getting deeper the recall of the potentially-explosive phone got "now the government's involved" official. If you're still using a recalled Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (if you've not exchanged your phone, that's you), please go to the nearest store for your carrier and exchange it. It doesn't matter if you'll have to use a different phone for a week or two while we wait for replacement Note 7s to become available in mass quantities this is a safety thing we're talking about.
    As we've been saying since the news first broke, the timing couldn't be worse for Samsung: Apple rolled into town with the iPhone 7 launch and sucked all of the oxygen out of the room (we hear that's good for putting out fires), along with a major update to iOS. Of course, if you're not into Apple stuff, that won't change your mind, but it's worth noting that while there are a lot of people that read sites like this one, there are a lot more people that don't, and the only mainstream news about the Note 7 is that it blows up while the worst the iPhone 7 gets in the midst of another huge launch is that there's no headphone jack.
    Meanwhile, Microsoft is staying quiet while the Note 7 and iPhone 7 storm rages on by (don't doubt that they'll have plenty to say about both in comparison once the dust settles). We saw new preview builds for the next major update to Windows 10 and a neat PC-phone-bridging feature coming to Skype. And with the new HP Elite x3 stepping into the spotlight as the new most powerful Windows Phone, it was put to the test with a week of using the phone with a monitor and keyboard instead of a PC.
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    09-18-2016 08:00 PM

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