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    Time-lapse photography can yield stunning footage of the passage of time, but it's not built into the Windows Phone camera app. Thankfully there are several apps available in the Windows Store to deliver this photography style to your phone.
    While time-lapse photography may not be something you use every day, it is a great way to capture slow moving subjects and view them at higher speeds. From sunsets to blooming flowers to storms rolling in off the horizon, time-lapse photography is perfect for just about anything that takes time to complete. The process generally requires you to take a series of single exposures for a duration of time and then combining them to simulate continuous action at a higher speed. Rush-hour traffic can last for hours, but through time-lapse photography the scene can be shortened to a few seconds.
    We looked at several time-lapse offerings in the Windows Store, evaluating them on the ease of use, stability and quality of the footage. While it would be nice if Microsoft would add this feature natively to our Windows Mobile camera (HINT HINT), three such apps stood out from the pack and offers a fantastic stand-alone options for capturing time-lapse footage.

    [LIST][*]Timelapse Pro[*]Hyperlapse Mobile[*]Timelapse Studio[*]Time lapse tips and tricks[/LIST]

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    08-19-2016 09:11 AM

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