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    You can compress the Windows 10 installation size to use less space, and in this guide, we show you how.
    Alongside many new features and changes, Windows 10 also includes additional improvements that are often overlooked because they are implemented under the hood. For example, if you haven't noticed, the installation now takes far less space than previous versions, which enables it to run on devices with smaller storage capacities.
    Microsoft even made changes to the recovery process to eliminate the use of a recovery image. Instead, if you ever need to reset your device, the OS will use the files already stored in the winsxs folder. Using this method, users can get around 4GB of space back.
    While they all are welcomed improvements your device will take advantage without additional configuration, you may need to reduce the drive usage even more, and this is when "Compact OS" comes in handy.
    Compact OS is a new mechanism that compresses all the installation files and preinstalled applications, letting you run Windows 10 from a compressed environment, reducing the footprint and freeing up space.

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    12-06-2017 07:10 AM

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