1. mostockton's Avatar
    Surface Pro 2 user, here. i5, 256.

    Installed the tech preview today (build 9926), and while the install went swimmingly, and so far I'm very impressed, my Surface seems to have lost it's built in microphone. I can see the Realtek hardware still present in the control panel, however my baby insists that her mic is unplugged.

    Anyone else seeing this, have a fix?
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    01-23-2015 04:14 PM
  2. rockstarzzz's Avatar
    I can add to that and probably ease you by saying, its not your Surface. I have a Dell latitude laptop from 2012. I have exactly same issue. I cannot use my mic anymore. Not for Skype or Cortana, nothing. You can play with drivers uninstall and install to see if work but I say, wait till another build is rolled out and see if they've picked up on this issue. I have a feeling most of the driver related issues will linger around till we hit consumer preview in April.
    01-25-2015 06:04 PM
  3. A_Franklin's Avatar
    Same exact issue here on an HP Touchsmart. On Windows 8.1, both the built-in mic and an external mic plugged into the line-in port work fine. On Win10 both show up without error but fail to capture any sound. I've tried the Recording Troubleshooter, Volume Levels, every Control Panel option, adjusting the Mic privacy settings, different sound-capture software, but still nothing in 10.

    Too bad, since Cortana was one of the big draws of this release.
    01-27-2015 08:03 PM
  4. emmeborn's Avatar
    Same problem here on my HP ProoBook 6570.
    01-28-2015 08:09 AM
  5. Fred Hare's Avatar
    Have exactly the same problem using Win 10 on Lenovo ThinkPad x61s.
    Built-in or external mic, testing with Skype Echo / Sound test service.
    Had no problem when using Windows XP.
    01-29-2015 05:13 AM
  6. A_Franklin's Avatar
    Update: I was able to load the sound card driver from my manufacturer (actually I grabbed it from catalog.update.windows.com) instead of the generic HD Audio Device that Windows provided. Now the mic works!
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    01-29-2015 11:35 PM

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