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    Updated last night with no issue.

    Wake this morning (before work) to my network adapter (Nvidia Nforce ethernet controller) no longer connecting to the internet.

    worked perfectly last night.

    ipconfig reveals 0 information (currently on a different computer to communicate and research for help, but I seem to be a unique case)

    Showing the adapter is properly installed. Thought I would click around, tried to static the ip to my dhcp reserved for the pc, no go. Attempted to "install" the ipv4 recieved for all three (client server and protocol) "Could not add the requested feature, the error is: no such interface supported"

    research opened a new door for me with a netsh command set, however I do not know that command well enough to be able to just breeze my way through it.

    Request assistance please...

    I will note, just because I find the answer unhelpful in the situation, my computer can NOT currently connect to the internet, so telling me to "use windows update" is extremely ineffective, unless you can provide a way to do so from one computer, and transfer it over.

    also, I have reinstalled the latest known driver for my adapter, no go aswell.

    preemptive Thank you.
    04-23-2015 10:28 PM

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