1. Larry Amato's Avatar
    I have installed Win 10 preview onto my Lenovo laptop with Win7 sp1 pro 64....
    My question is ..what effects are there if I create or delete restore points with various programs such as CCleaner and the like.??
    Will deleting old points affect Win 10...??
    Enquiring minds would like to know..
    05-16-2015 12:44 AM
  2. Larry Amato's Avatar
    Wow ...I'm really suprised that no one has responded with an answer to this questiion..There have been many views on this.. It does seem to be important because if you delete some of your old restore points..How am I gonna use win 10 or will my system crash and burn..!!...
    05-18-2015 10:10 AM
  3. David Feifer's Avatar
    Personally I wouldn't run ccleaner on windows 10. So much has changed on the back end and the registry that chances are you will probably muck it up. At least until it has been optimized for 10.

    Object behind restore points is a backup of the registry and key operating system files. Technically you can delete all of them without impacting the system. At work we disable them all together.
    05-20-2015 12:16 AM
  4. hotphil's Avatar
    Deleting them shouldn't affect 10 anymore than it affected previous OS versions.

    But 10 is still Technical Preview. If you're relying on System Restore Points being present and working, that's risky. Just saying.
    05-20-2015 12:40 AM
  5. Larry Amato's Avatar
    Deleting them shouldn't affect 10 anymore than it affected previous OS versions.

    Thanks...I also use System restorer explorer.
    05-20-2015 07:56 PM

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