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  1. shmaun's Avatar

    I'm playing around with windows 10 on my 2nd phone and have set up a throw away Hotmail account for testing and experimenting. The only problem is that I think I have been put in to some tiny region for the Feedback app. Here is a screenshot with the sort filter selected to upvotes and the other selections all categories and filters - none. I find it hard to believe there is so little feedback.


    By the time I scroll to the end of the list the last one only has 12 upvotes.

    I have tried setting up another throw away Hotmail account with a different country but it didn't make a difference.

    Any Ideas?
    07-26-2015 05:11 AM
  2. ven07's Avatar
    Is the phone region set to US?

    I just checked with your parameters and my results show posts with 5000+ upvotes
    07-26-2015 05:37 AM
  3. shmaun's Avatar
    Location US and keyboard and speech. Been through all the settings on the phone and they are all US even tried the time zone as US. I am actually located in Finland though.
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    07-26-2015 09:39 AM
  4. ven07's Avatar
    Unfortunately, this app isn't available in the store (i think) otherwise a simple uninstall/reinstall might've worked
    07-26-2015 01:08 PM
  5. shmaun's Avatar
    Funnily enough I reset my phone and used my main Hotmail account with all the region and local settings the same and it gave me this. I then tried another throw away email and the same region as the one above came back.

    Actually I am now wondering if this is the US or the UK as phone is set to US but my Hotmail account is still listed for the UK?
    Attached Thumbnails wp_ss_20150725_0001-2-.png  
    07-28-2015 02:48 PM
  6. ven07's Avatar
    Check the settings of your hotmail account :/ or is the system switching between old and new info you entered?
    08-01-2015 12:09 AM

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