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    I have been plagued with issues ever since trying out Windows 10 mobile preview.

    Nokia Lumia 1520
    Windows Mobile preview 10536.1004 (second update).

    I am on the Simple Mobile network and I noticed that I was able to RECEIVE pictures via text (MMS) but was UNABLE TO SEND pictures. I also noticed that I was UNABLE TO SEND GROUP MESSAGES (and probably unable to receive as well).

    I performed a hard reset and reinstalled all my apps from scratch in order to smooth out some of the kinks on this build. After the hard reset, my APN settings were wiped clean.

    I found all the settings that I needed to input online but I do not know if I am matching the inputs to the correct fields.

    Here are some illustrations:



    I was instructed to input these settings from the OFFICIAL SERVICE PROVIDER or this one here


    Please assume that I am not an ***** and I have already attempted to use the settings automatically programmed onto the SIM before suggesting that I do that.

    I've seen suggestions hinting that enabling Wi-Fi calling is a possible culprit, however, turning it off proved to be quite the headache; worthy of it's own thread.


    Simple mobile used to send these settings over the air (OTA) and I had found one website that allowed you to input your number and the settings would be sent to the phone number you input. I can't find those types of sites anymore.

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    10-06-2015 10:41 PM
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    Situation rectified with build 10581.
    10-30-2015 12:08 AM

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