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    Hello there,

    I'm using Microsoft Lumia 640 XL Dual sim with Windows 8.1 when I started using it. Just today, I'm so excited in getting my phone update to windows 10. After finishing my updates, my phone shows nothing but a notification drop-down navigation. It doesn't want to show the start screen and app screen as well. I looked into the internet for the solutions.. There're many.. I tried almost all but it doesn't work.. The last option is by using recovery. In which you had to do few step like holding the - volume with power button until vibrate and when exclamation mark appears you had to press accordingly the + volume, -volume and power button. Then my phone work just fine. I had to do everything all over again like setting up my Microsoft account.. settings and all..

    My apps work just find even my whatsapp. But problem arise when I looked into my contacts (as in People hub) there aren't any contacts showed. Strangely, my whatsapp detect all contacts I saved previously before I update my phone. When I search for the solution, they mentioned about setting my phone account. I did that but once I entered my email and password, the phone detects it and said Microsoft account have successfully added but then when I look back.. My account wasnt there.

    Whenever I tried to add people (as in contact), the screen will go back to the start screen out of a sudden. I need to get my people hub working cause I'd be hard for me to send messages. Is there any other way to get my people hub working??

    I hope my question is clear and understanable. Hoping someone can fix my problem as soon as possible.
    THANK YOU! :)
    10-25-2015 02:17 AM

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