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    I fixed my bricked L1320 during upgrading to 10581 after trying many ways.
    The issue is Windows Device Recovery cannot recognize my phone.
    I figure out that:
    1. Keep pressing Power + Vol down is just turn off my phone, it won't wake up.
    2. Normal Power On / Plug in cable always put my phone into the FAIL upgrading process loop.

    So, the correct step for my L1320 is:
    1. Run Windows Device Recovery in "My phone is not detected" mode, and keep waiting for the phone.
    2. Make sure you phone is OFF.
    3. Connect the phone to laptop by USB cable -> the phone will boot up, it will vibrate.
    4. [important] Press the power button right after the vibration. -> Windows Device Recovery will try to detect the Phone firmware at this step.

    Now i already go to 10581, and jump to 10586, which i think better now.

    Finally, thank everyone for come to read, and leaving reponse.

    i'm update from 10536 to 10581 on 1320. Right after fully download 100%, it said need restart, then I restarted.
    BUT.......... it shows 2 wheels running for about 1min, and show this icon :-( on the screen, and turn off.

    1. Restart doesn't help -> same thing happens.
    2. WDRT3.1.4 cannot detect the phone.
    3. Cannot reboot by pressing Power + Vol down. It only shutdown, no reboot even both keys are pressed.
    4. Plug in W7 Laptop, the phone keeps restarting after failing to update (as in 1) -> W7 shows USB port is "Nokia bootmgr" but cannot find the driver. I also cannot find it on internet.

    Please help. What should i do ?
    Many thanks.
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    11-16-2015 09:56 PM
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    11-16-2015 10:07 PM
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    Thanks, but Windows Device Recovery Tool is WDRT v3.1.4. It cannot detect the phone because the phone is at the very first stage of upgrading, it's not fully booted.
    Also, WDRT suggests to Power + Vol Down and wait until it shut down and reboot. BUT in my case, it just went down, NO REBOOT at all :(

    Try the instructions laid out here -
    11-17-2015 12:02 AM

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