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    MSFT Lumia 640:
    Odd issue that only occurred AFTER I reloaded (second time, completely wiped with WRT) 10586.63 in hopes of clearing a few items. Worked fine on the initial 10586.63 update in Fast Ring. Messaging app is laggy, sometimes blank for a few seconds, text are delayed in order in the display. Sometime no notification of response.

    I had a failed install of Metrotube a few releases back, showed a grayed out icon that I could not delete, so I wiped the phone down after I backed up my initial 10586.63 install. The first attempt failed, but I think that was due to last weeks issue with the App Store authorizations. So I let 8.1 update all the apps, re-enabled Windows Preview, upgraded.

    All worked fine, but over the next few days, I noticed the Messages not fully updating, then the display, along with response to text time became delayed. Odd bug for sure. Anyone else experience this?

    Also the Start screen, when you double tap, does not always bring up the PIN box to unlock the phone the first time, this is also new and only after a second install of 10586.63
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    01-18-2016 09:34 AM
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    This has progressively grown worse with the OS freezing forcing a hard reset. I also get this odd freeze in Edge where an icon is replicated/tiled on the whole screen, glitching as if Flash animation. This by far is the worst experience out of all the Win 10 Insider updates, all others have been very useable for me up until now.

    Should I just Reset and restore to a backup, or start all the way over?
    01-29-2016 09:35 AM
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    These are not bug (except Messages + Skype app that's known to be slowly, especially with skype logged in), it seems file corruption or missing apps updates Check your sd card (if you got it) with a notebook.
    Most people say better Hard reset from scratch, IMHO I noticed no difference between from scratch and from backup, so I surely prefer backup even if Store could queue a lot of apps at the same time, and it needs user attention (you have to wait for reloading or updating, especially core apps)
    01-29-2016 10:25 AM

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