1. Dan Harris's Avatar
    Apart from the first very few messages I received when the Messaging app first came to PC insiders, I've never gotten notifications in Action Centre, or toast notifications for Skype Messages.

    I've seen quite a few threads where people have had the same issue - I'm wondering whether the newest build has now fixed this?

    I have the issue on 3 different devices (Desktop, Surface, small Tablet) and notifications are fine on Mobile, it has always just been a PC issue for me.

    Has anybody on this build noticed Toast and Action Centre notifications working correctly for them (Even if it worked for you previously, I'm interested to hear from anybody who is getting them on PC).

    I've always had live tile notifications from the Messaging app (And all notifications types are definitely on for Messaging)
    02-22-2016 04:15 AM
  2. gbm97's Avatar
    Sorry I cant help you with your issue but can I take this opportunity to ask if Skype is meant to interigate into my Microsoft messaging app. Will I be able to see my messaging app messaging from my phone on my laptop via Sype. Is this how it works...or supposed to work. This would be great. If so is there a Skype charge.
    02-23-2016 10:31 AM

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