1. constantreader16's Avatar
    I'm on the newest fast ring build (14955) and some of the newest fast ring apps don't seem to be updating.

    This includes:
    - Skype Preview
    - Outlook Mail
    - Groove Music

    Interestingly enough it appears MSN News did update to the most recent version, but that appears to be the only one.

    Things I have tried:
    - Soft Reset
    - Regular Restart
    - Switching Rings
    - Signing out of Store App

    So after playing around I tried two more workarounds one that didn't work, one that did.

    The first work around that I tried that did not work was uninstalling and reinstalling the app. I tried this with the Skype Preview app. The result is that I uninstalled version and reinstalled version I essentially rolled back a minor update.

    The second, and successful workaround, was to set the device forward in date (I went forward a month), and then searched for updates through the store. This actually worked. I reset the date after I searched for updates and before the apps downloaded, but it still worked (some of the apps initially had errors likely due to date change) and I was able to install app updates (all from the Fast Ring I assume) including: Movies & TV, Microsoft Phone, OneDrive, Outlook Mail and Calendar, Skype Preview, Windows Maps, Microsoft People, and Messaging + Skype.

    This seems to have completely fixed the issue as I had to do a restart to clear errors on two of the apps and they successfully updated after the restart.
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    10-29-2016 02:55 PM
  2. chsoriano's Avatar
    I am having the exact same problem, but the work around didn't fix it for some reason. For me it occurred after updating my HP Elite X3 using WDRT and upgrading to 14955
    10-30-2016 01:57 AM
  3. chsoriano's Avatar
    After trying the update timeout fix (date change), I gave up and after a few hours (when I woke up) all the fast ring apps were available.
    10-30-2016 09:42 AM
  4. abhishek singh21's Avatar
    thanks for sharing the fix .
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    10-30-2016 12:05 PM
  5. Leonel Funes's Avatar
    I think it depends on how you updated to 14955. I used the "set date 5 days ahead and update then change date again" technique. So it "updated" on Oct. 30, but it was really the 25. Now that it's Oct. 31, updates are working fine. I might be wrong but that's my theory.
    10-31-2016 12:24 PM

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