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    I was on build 14965 and I was noticing some battery drain, then I decided to go back to the latest stable build to see if 14965 was really consuming more battery. My Lumia came with WP8.1 so I had to do all the upgrade process again.

    After downloading packages, WRDT gave an error while checking the compatibility of files, my internet connection wasn't good at that time. I tried downloading again and the flashing proceeded normally. I downloaded Upgrade Advisor and the phone began to install W10M.

    The gears screen was over and the phone rebooted. The lock screen appeared shortly after and and the "Migrating data" screen didn't appeared. The phone get frozen, but I managed to unlocked my phone.

    Things went wrong. A lot of stock apps were not installed: Edge (Internet Explorer didn't get replaced), Groove Music (it was still Xbox Music), Settings, Storage. I rebooted my phone and migration of data screen appeared. After that, some apps were still missing, but others get replaced such as Xbox Music.

    I rebooted the phone again and things were still broken. Every time I rebooted my phone, the "Updates were installed" notification appeared.

    I'm flashing my phone once more, really hope things go well this time. I wonder if some WRDT packages were corrupted, but wouldn't the app prompt an error before flashing the phone?

    I flashed my phone and updated to W10M. Since it's build 10586.107, I went to Phone update to download 14393 and two updates appeared: 10586.682 (this build was ever released for phones?!) and 14393.448. This never happened before when I upgraded 10586 to 14393. It was a single update.

    Anyone had this buggy upgrade process any time? If only Microsoft offered W10M stable builds in Windows Device Recovery Tool as an option for WP8.1 devices, all of this could be simplified...

    Sorry my english.
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    11-14-2016 03:32 PM
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    10586.682 is a new build that is rolling out specifically for phones that are not eligible for the anniversary update but phones that are eligible but shipped with 8.1 will get it as well if they aren't on the anniversary update already.
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    11-14-2016 07:34 PM
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    I updated to build 14965 today and Windows didn't migrate my data again, after the gears it went directly to lockscreen. I previously installed this same build with no issues. This bug happened on both stable and development branches. What should I do if Windows doesn't migrate my data?
    11-15-2016 11:33 AM

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