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    Is there any way to enable TTS to read text messages by hitting a button like the spacebar or something? Autoread on receipt is nice but can be embarassing. lol I need to find a way to open a text msg and then hit a button to have it read to me. Any help would be enormously appreciated.

    Blind Mike
    09-21-2009 01:32 PM
  2. kevinebrown's Avatar
    To do this is VERY resource intensive activity. Currently every text to speach I have seen on Windows Mobile will send you text over the Internet to a server for processing and in turn return to you an MP3 or Wav to plan.

    Even the Text Messaging to Voice does the same thing....there just isn't enough storage on these 256MB devices to hold the entire dictionary let along the processing to turn around these words into voice/mp3/wav data.

    There are MANY good text to speech engines out there...which have easy interfaces. If you know how to program you should be able send the text to a higher end PC and then text or email the mp3 back to you phone...

    Maybe in 10 more years when we have phones with terabytes of phone drive and memory storage it will be viable....I remember 20 years ago talk of non-movable hard drives/solid state as they are called...no you can by these 40mb drives for only $800...a 1TB hard drive for $89 bucks and a solid state drive of 40MB for $800...will be a bit of time for these prices to come down and their sizes to grow...then again in 1985 there wasn't a PC in the world affordable...now you can get a small server base system for under 500.

    Not what you wanted to hear...but give it a year or two...it will be there...for that matter consider that a camera and electronics in your phone is smaller than the eraser of a new pencil....pretty amazing
    01-21-2010 09:35 PM