1. MichaelBanning's Avatar
    Starting maybe 2-3 weeks or so ago, my google calendar has been syncing VERY weirdly on my phone. Duplicating events, not clearing events that Ive deleted on google calendar on my pc, not syncing newly added events, etc.

    Perhaps the weirdest thing is that Ill still get notifications after Ive already removed the calendar from the phone.

    Phone restarts, unsycing the calendar in the calendar tile, unsyncing the calendar in the gmail tile, all have occasionally been temporary fixes or at least seemed to but Im still having this issue and I dont know why.

    If anyone has any thoughts or advice, Id really appreciate it.
    08-13-2011 12:06 PM
  2. Cyterio's Avatar
    I've not noticed any issues with my Google Calendar, but I primarily use Windows Live Calendar. All that I have on Google are sports schedules so they are pretty much set and left, nothing changes on them. It's a bit off topic but my wife's BlackBerry had the same problem. She might have had maybe 50-60 events on her Google Calendar but the google sync app on her BB kept duplicating them every time it synced so within a few weeks she had over 6000 events on her calendar and it got to the point that it would crush her battery within a few hours. I prefer to use Windows Live Calendar mainly because I like to have a desktop version (Windows Live Essentials-Mail, Calendar, Etc.).

    If you can't figure it out I guess your last option would be to do a hard reset and start from scratch, sorry, other than that I don't have an answer for you.
    08-13-2011 02:01 PM