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  • Touchscreen Only 3.5-3.9 inch

    6 15.79%
  • Touchscreen Only 4.0-5.0 inch

    28 73.68%
  • Touchscreen Slider Portrait Keyboard

    8 21.05%
  • Touchscreen Slider Landscape Keyboard

    4 10.53%
  • Other

    0 0%
Multiple Choice Poll.
  1. monotok's Avatar
    just a poll to get the general feeling of what phones people would most like because I have a feeling a lot of people would like a keyboard/slider but there are not many.
    01-07-2012 01:08 PM
  2. Judge_Daniel's Avatar
    I can do anything other than 3.5-3.9'' screens. The Trophy is 3.8 and it just feels so small in my hands. There is no way I could use the phone without a case. The Focus is 4.0'' (which isn't that big of a difference), but I never felt that way about it--even without a case (I only bought a gelaskin for it).
    01-07-2012 01:19 PM
  3. willied's Avatar
    I want a Windows Phone with a 4.0" screen on Verizon...NOW! :D
    01-07-2012 01:20 PM
  4. monotok's Avatar
    maybe i should have made the category 3.5-4 and 4.1-5 :p
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    01-07-2012 01:23 PM
  5. 1jaxstate1's Avatar
    Touchscreen 4.5" - 5.0". No need for a keyboard with a screen that size. MS has a excellent SW keyboard.
    01-07-2012 01:36 PM
  6. TheWeeBear's Avatar
    MS has a excellent SW keyboard.
    If you can quickly catch it before it goes AWOL. ;) :D

    Oh it's back, doh no it's not, oh yes it's ok now, oh damn it's gone again. :D
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    01-07-2012 01:38 PM
  7. Premium1's Avatar
    I want a Windows Phone with a 4.0" screen on Verizon...NOW! :D
    Similar 4.0-4.3 screen on verizon with lte.
    01-07-2012 01:39 PM
  8. Judge_Daniel's Avatar
    Similar 4.0-4.3 screen on verizon with lte.
    I honestly would take anything on Verizon as long as it has a decent camera (I hate the Trophy's camera! No white balance--WHAT?!), a new type of display (SAMOLED[+] or SLCD), and a FFC. If it had all of those things and it was on Verizon, I would get it even if it had only 8gb, <3.8'' screen, and no LTE. I'd even take the same processor speed as the Trophy--1GHz.
    01-07-2012 02:01 PM
  9. CHIP72's Avatar
    If I get another Windows Phone (and right now I'm leaning in the direction), I want it to be a 4.0" to 4.3" 4G LTE device with a 5-row physical keyboard (i.e. landscape keyboard), preferably with 32 GB of memory.

    One thing that stinks about the above is I think Motorola makes the best physical keyboards, and we won't see a physical keyboard WP manufactured by Motorola.
    01-07-2012 02:26 PM
  10. monotok's Avatar
    My perfect phone would be:
    3.7inch +- 1inch
    High Resolution Display: 960x600 or something?
    Portrait keyboard slider
    Thin and light
    Metal Construction
    Decent Camera 5mp
    FFC (For future proofing it)
    Maybe hard buttons (not the touch sensitive front buttons)
    Removable MicroSD and 16GB on board storage
    LED Notification light
    768mb - 1GB RAM
    1.4GHz Processor or Dual Core but don't mind as WP7 runs fine anyway
    01-07-2012 02:27 PM
  11. toyotast165's Avatar
    a device that the keyboard is usable. Not only viewable.... Since that is too much to ask for it seems
    01-07-2012 03:19 PM
  12. jdevenberg's Avatar
    4-4.3" screen. Bonus points if it is a portrait slider and says "Nokia" at the top.
    01-07-2012 07:09 PM
  13. falconeight#IM's Avatar
    4 and up is dumb.
    01-07-2012 07:16 PM
  14. mprice86's Avatar
    3.7in is my preferred screen size. I've tried out several 4.3in phones and found them a bit too wide for comfortable one handed use.
    01-07-2012 08:58 PM
  15. Duvi's Avatar
    4.3 is cool, but I wouldn't mind having the Titan-sized screen on a Nokia or Samsung.
    01-07-2012 09:38 PM
  16. cedarlog's Avatar
    i would like to see a new phone with landscape keyboard from Nokia or HTC
    01-07-2012 09:38 PM
  17. monotok's Avatar
    Its interesting to see that most people prefer a 4-5inch screen. I would have thought most people would find that too big :p
    01-08-2012 05:44 AM
  18. freestaterocker's Avatar
    4 and up is dumb.
    For you, maybe. I wanted an iPhone until I tried typing on one. The screen was too small for my fingers. The 4.3" screen on my HD7 is perfect for me to type on, one or two handed. And most of my friends have much larger hands than I do. Are you saying they don't deserve a phone they can actually use? Different sized people need different sized phones just like they need different sized clothing. Just like some of the friends I mentioned couldn't fit in a Prius if they tried! I realize I'm getting off topic, but I think I've made my point.
    01-08-2012 12:09 PM