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    Right not sure where this should go but putting it here.

    I was on facebook and wanted to see how many people were using the facebook for windows phone app. As it gives monthly users so a indercation how many windows phones are running.

    And i got a nasty supprise.
    As when i clicked the app this is what came up..

    Really?!?! few thing here windows mobile....FAIL windows phone should it not be?

    Soical app??? but this is the app thats running the facebook app opn windows phone.
    The people hub is run through a different app. so what is going on??

    Anyone got any idea why its been changed and thier reasons.

    BTW its was at 1.3 million users last month and now at 1.5 million users quite a bit of a jump.
    03-28-2012 04:51 AM

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