1. baseballbert's Avatar
    Can you have your text messages forwarded from one device to another one? I've got my phone calls going from my 4S to the 900, and I want to do the same with the texts.

    Is this possible?
    04-13-2012 02:31 PM
  2. kregstrong's Avatar
    I know on android I used an app called forward SMS and it worked awesome, sent them all to my lumia. Not sure about ios

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    04-13-2012 02:47 PM
  3. bear_lx's Avatar
    you can manually forward them, are you asking if they can automatically be forwarded?
    04-13-2012 04:41 PM
  4. baseballbert's Avatar
    04-13-2012 06:26 PM
  5. inteller's Avatar
    no, carriers don't do that.
    04-13-2012 08:58 PM
  6. Dave Blake's Avatar
    I have 2 choices for you you can use google voice or you could simply quit using your iPhone.
    04-14-2012 10:41 AM