1. sunshine182's Avatar
    Hey guys, I just recently changed my Windows Live password, but the thing is that I keep on getting an error when I try to update it on my phone.
    It tells me that the password is invalid!
    I even try my old password, also keeps on telling me that it is invalid :S

    I noticed that sites like hotmail.com, xbox.com, Skydrive and Zune all work with the new password,
    but applications like Zune, Trillian, heck even the windows 8 release preview don't want to accept neither one!

    what's wrong guys? can anyone help me? D:
    06-03-2012 02:55 PM
  2. justop26's Avatar
    Did you use any 'special' characters like $? That's the one character I learned never to use on my Windows Live password, since my phone wouldn't accept it.

    I replaced those characters with _ and voil, no problem. Maybe that helps you out.
    06-03-2012 09:55 PM