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    Yes go to blackberry. They are going to screw over their people again with bb10 just like they did with the os 7 update and leave legacy owners in the dust

    You can buy an android and hope your device gets pulled out of the hat by random selection for the next update.

    Or sit it out with iPhone where you can have updates for two years with the new iPhone, but have to buy new accessories cause they don't fit your phone anymore. That nifty dock clock you got will be useless with the 5

    Or get a webos device. Oh wait....

    So tired of this s***. Like this deserved a single thread on it's own
    How I wish smartphones worked more like PC's but technology moves so fast. Out of all those problems the iphone is the best bet. Unless you prefer a bigger screen or an SD slot, or a different form factor =/. You take the good with the bad.
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    I keep being told Nokia will continue to support my new Lumia 900, with 19 months left on the contract.

    I get the phone as I am a developer and wanted a future proof phone....

    Ok now it is useless, but I still have the phone, so

    Does anyone know if the 7.8 update will include GPS navigation while the phone is off? and does anyone know if apps will continue to start over when launched from a live tile or start screen?

    If the answer is no, I will more than likely abandon ship.

    Oh I am not interested in discussing why I should like Microsoft and Nokia. I purchased the phone. The question is more of how much to they value me as a consumer. So now I am just trying to salvage what little respect I have left for them.

    Please point me to any rumors.
    If you mean GPS navigation while the device is turned off, that's impossible. If you mean while you have data off/no signal, the L900 already does it on Mango OS. If you mean when you've closed the app, it has already been reported that GPS and VoIP apps will run in the background for WP8, but I wouldn't hold my breathe for it on 7.8. No rumors, just fact. Any other questions?
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    Really. Do you feel better now?
    I feel fine, thank you.

    Please enlighten us how you would expect a phone to continue to provide voice turn direction when off. I would be interested to know which phone is able to do that.

    Also you say you are a developer and got the phone because of that. In the context of these forums that would imply you are a WP developer in which case you would be aware (or should at least) of where WP7.5 is going and how to develop for either platform (7.x or 8).

    While WP7.x devices will not be able to run WP8 (apps) that does not equal being dead end. At least as far as Lumia devices are concerned development and support is ongoing with most of the WP8 enhancements from Nokia coming to WP7.x devices as well.

    Did either Nokia or MSFT ever make a promise to upgrade your Lumia 900 to WP8? Does it need to in order to keep working? How is what they did dirty? Apple is working on iOS7 while shipping iOS6. They sold iPhone 3GS a week before they dumped it (literally, as in no updates and no longer available). Any fashion house is selling clothing while they have their next collection lined up. How' s this different. Next year there will be new phones with larger camera sensors, you won't be able to upgrade. We'll see Quad core CPU phones next year with WP8, you won't be able to upgrade.

    WP7.x devices will get an update with a number of WP8 features which can be run on the hardware. Nokia is still actively supporting and developing for the WP7.5 devices. WP8 will get better, sleeker and more advanced app, yes. But WP7.x is not dead for some time to come. I doubt WP developers will drop the large WP7.x user base the minute WP8 is available, they'd be robbing themselves of a big chunk of income.

    And what does the W8 SDK have to do with anything here? I still have no idea what it is exactly you are ranting about..
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    I remember I was kinda dissapointed back when they announced that 7.5 would get 7.8 but not 8. But then later, they showed the Lumia 920!

    So now it's ok with me, as I'll prolly get it in a few months (it's still expensive) or if my carrier starts proposing it.

    I still very much like 7.x as it's another world compared to winmo.

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