What will Microsoft’s next iteration of the Due be?


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Jan 20, 2023
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Surface fans are split down the middle regarding how many screens they'd like on the Surface Duo 3. Full story from the WindowsCentral blog...

Hello I am new here and do not know where to post this topic.
I have both upgraded and downgraded from Fold3 to Fold4 to Duo1 and am staying with the first Duo until the next iteration, because the screens are better at productivity capacity, due to true screen separation and size of screens.

The Duo UI interface reminds me much like windows OS separation of screen realistate into separate "windows". Almost like a sandboxing apps.

So I am hoping the next duo can replicate these separations on a single folding screen, but a hardcore duo user would "NOT" want a folding screen.
It is said the brain works differently with separate screens and users are used to this type of productivity.

So instead of a folding screen, I believe the next logical evolution would have been 3 "separate" screens(!), with two hinges, so outer screen can swivel around, to open up towards the inner two, to effectively equal three separate screens at the same time... At least tripling productivity, and true multitasking. That would be the most logical progression of the Duo and trounce all current folds in productivity...

So the question is, what does Microsoft plan to do in the next iteration?, because I am waiting for that next one, instead of an oppo N, or a Google fold.

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