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    I can't figure this out. My phone refuses to charge, and boot in some circumstances. Here are what happens in the different conditions:

    Powering on with battery and no ac power: boots up to start menu and then dies. Battery icon has a ? question mark on it. Eventually not enough power left in the battery to boot or power on.

    Powering on with battery and ac power: it'll do the same as previous, except in endless cycles. Eventually never gets past the bootloader

    Powering on with AC power and no battery: never gets past HTC bootloader, just resets endlessly

    Powering on with battery and AC power into usb loader mode (camera and volume button depressed): it stays powered on indefinitely and seems to charge the battery somewhat

    Powering on with not battery and AC power into usb loader mode: same as above

    I've used different batteries, and it does the same thing with both of them. This basically came out of nowhere. I'm at a loss at what to do except to try and power it on long enough to do a hard reset.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks!
    11-25-2012 06:23 PM
  2. feeked's Avatar
    Update: I reset the phone and tried a third (HTC branded) battery, and it's still the same. If the battery is charged via other means the phone boots and stays alive until it's drained. It just refuses to charge any battery
    11-25-2012 11:56 PM

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